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Welcome to Books to Hoot About! the children's book review blog from InfoSoup librarians and users!

Very Magical!

Author: Patrick George

This fun and interactive book demonstrates opposites through a very ingenious way- an acetate transparent page changes sun into rain or hot into cold.  An excellent short read for preschool age children.  The format of the book allows children to take part in learning opposites in a hands-on way.

What is a Friend?

Author: Kristin Levine

"I think a friend is someone who helps you change for the better. And whether you see them once a day or once a year, if it's a true friend, it doesn't matter."  This is a great book! It has unexpected twists and turns in the plot that can really surprise you.  Historical fiction set during the Civil Rights Movement in the American South, it is really more a book about friendship, loyalty, and family.  I highly recommend this book!

Author: Sarah Campbell

Okay.... we all know about circles, cones, triangles, cubes, etc.   But what to you call things like trees, broccoli, lightning, your lungs?  What shape are they?  Here's your answer! Thanks to Benoit Mandelbrot, a mathematician who named fractals in 1975, we have a common name.  Love the photos in this book.  Perfect for Fizz, Boom, Read and STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) reading.

Author: Lois Ehlert

Wow! If you love reading Lois Ehlert's picture books you will love this autobiographical book for kids that Ehlert wrote about her life and art. She follows the same techniques she uses to illustrate her picture books to tell her story in The Scraps Book. She explains where she gets her ideas for her stories, the process she follows to create her illustrations (collage) and also provides glimpses into her life now and when she was growing up. This book is colorful and alive. Any elementary aged child who is familiar with Ehlert's work would enjoy this book as would any adult. If you know a young aspiring artist, get this book into his or her hands.

Author: Ashley Wolff

Baby Bear Sees Blue by Ashely Wolff tells the story of Baby Bear seeing seeing the world for the first time and learning about what he sees by posing questions to Mama Bear. This is a great book to learn about colors and would be a great read-aloud for children because of its "predictability". Wolff illustrations (water tinted linocuts) are beautiful and children will love all the small details in the illustrations.

Title: Clementine
Author: Sebastian Loth

Clementine is a small snail who loves round things, especially the moon.  Her dream is to fly to the moon and with help from her friend, a worm, she does all the research and makes her plan.  Great book for any age!

A Strong Woman

Author: Stone Tanya Lee

This book is a biography of Elizabeth Blackwell, set in picture book format.  It is informative and easy to understand for elementary-aged children.  For older children, the book also includes an author's note giving more comprehensive information on Blackwell.  The well-researched book ends with a list of sources consulted while creating the book.  Children will be surprised at Blackwell's story and her hardships in becoming the first female doctor.  The book is illustrated by Marjorie Priceman (think "Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin!")


This simple book is an extremely creative way to explore colors!  One "see-through" page magically becomes two different images- a green frog is also a brown bear; a chocolate ice cream cone is also an orange sunset.  Children will enjoy flipping through the book, exploring what happens when colors blend together.