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Grab a tissue when you read this and hold that child close to you

Author: Lisa McCourt

Everytime the Grandchildren sleep over....this book is a MUST read to them. All 4 know it so well that they ask the question before I can read it to them. This has been a treasured heirloom book to all of us

When I put the grandbabies to bed..The words I Love You are Always said.  But the imaginative child has a few questions. "What if I were an alligator with sharp teeth that could bite your head off? What if I were a smelly skunk and my name was Stinky Face?" The answers from this author who is a devoted mother will have children and grown-ups laughing. A parent's unconditional love was never so creatively tested or so beautifully reassured. 

A mother and child discuss how the mother's love would remain constant even if her child were a stinky skunk, scary ape, or bug-eating green alien.

The colored illistrations are just wonderful..Seems like they were taken out of a childrens head. I have to say, I think this is one of the sweetest bboks I have ever read My grandchildren LOVE it.