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A Magical Adventure

Author: J.M. (James Matthew) Barrie

If you or your children- or better yet, you and your children!- love classic children's literature, you're in for quiet a treat. There is so much more to Peter Pan than what you have ever seen in a cartoon movie or a play. Peter Pan and Wendy is beautifully written and totally enchanting. J.M. Barrie's imaginative storytelling and sweet asides to the reader, as if telling morsels of secrets just between the two of them; will keep drawing you back into the book. 

Peter Pan, in case you haven't heard, is the tale of a boy who lives in the magical locale of "Neverland", where he and all its other occupants never have to grow up. So Peter Pan is an eternal boy. And he embodies and gives life to all the characteristics we love about boys: their mischievousness, their teasing, their curiousity, and their need for adventure. And his home of Neverland is home to such creatures as fairies, pirates, and mermaids. The stuff of childhood dreams! 

In perfect harmony with the beauty of the written words, in this particular edition are the stunning illustrations. Every chapter has its own work of art. The large size of the volume, the sturdiness of the book, and the attached satin bookmark give this book a timeless and classic feel. My seven year old and I absoultely adore this volume!

Get the book so your children- or yourself!- can fall in love with a tale that's been captivating hearts for over a century.