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Clockwork Princess

Author: Cassandra Clare

I am swept away in the drama, action, love story and lives of the characters.  Cassandra Clare once again exceeds my expectations as she wraps up this trilogy with a hint of seeing some of our beloved characters yet again.  I revel in the selfless acts and unconditional love that the characters share with one another.  The life of a Shadowhunter is one of sacrifice, but a willing and self rewarding sacrifice that makes you love them all the more.

Tessa has known that she is the key to some bigger plan, for Mortmain continues to pursue the acquisition of our heroine until he is ultimately successful.  Our young heros don't give up on retrieving Tessa, but the connections that are lost as a result of self sacrifice cuts to the core.  In the end, Tessa proves herself worthy of a Shadowhunter love and friendship, despite her shady parentage.  She is to the core a good soul that is willing to give herself completely to save her friends without regard to her own safety.