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The Darkest Minds

Author: Alexandra Bracken

If you are a fan for the Hunger Games, Divergent, or any other series that gives you a what if look into the world.  You'll love The Darkest Minds.

America has been hit by a disease, IAAN, that either kills or forever changes the emerging adolescenes in our society.  The onset is around the child's tenth birthday. 

In this book we meet Ruby, she survived IAAN to become what society now refers to as a freak.  She's wisked away and spends the next six years in a camp to reform the changed children.  She is able to hide what type of ability she has from the sorters and keeps herself safe unknowingly.  When she is broken free, we follow her journey to find safety and discover her inner secrets that make her dispise herself and we embrass the strength she has as an individual when it comes to her devotion to protect those that have helped her along the way.

If you were to catch the IAAN disease, which color would you want to be classified, or which ability would you find best suits you?  

Green = puzzle or code solver  

Blue = move things with your mind  

Yellow = telekenetic electricity control  

Orange = Mind control over others  

Red = control of fire

Which would you consider to be dangerous or a freak?