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I Am Number Four

Author: Pittacus Lore

Escaping the death of their world and finding a new life and the need to keep themselves safe from the enemy that destroyed their home world.  We are introduced to the Fourth member out of nine aliens that are living among us.  The story that unfolds in front of us, the reader, is a story of wanting to belong.  An individual seeking normalacy opposed to the life he has experienced on the run.  He is tired of being uprooted, of avoiding making friends, and of being different and not being able to show how he's different.  It is more important to fit in and behave average than to stand out as someone extraordinary.

I strugged getting into this book.  Once I got past the initial resistance to continuing into the book, I was involved and pleading for Number Four to run again before the impending danger caught up with him.  The danger that found him has forever changed his life.