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And sometimes there is no answer to the why . . .

Author: Elizabeth Hartley Winthrop

I rated this book 2 stars.  The author is a gifted writer, but after while it just seemed to drone on.

The Jacobs family is dealing with the sudden and tragic death of their oldest daughter, Sophie, age 17.  Left to deal with their grief and "the why of things", is Anders and Joan, and daughters, Eve, 15, and Eloise, 7.

I am being neither callous or insensitive. I have dealt with the tragic death of a child. It feels like someone has reached in, pulled your body inside out, and dumped salt on you. My apologies to those that feel this is too graphic ~ but the pain indescribable, at times incomprehensible. There are always the "what ifs". And for all the questions you ask yourself, sometimes there are just no answers. True, you do find yourself doing things you wouldn't normally do, but the death of a child is not within the realm of normal.

I was disappointed that book did not stress the importance of counseling. Support groups may help some, but you can't keep running away from your grief and pain by "doing things". That is basically what this family did. They are supposedly a close family, but have difficulty sharing their feelings.

If you are trying to understand what the family goes through with a familial death, I wouldn't put this on the reading list. It has been some time since I have read Life Without Summer by Lynne Griffin, but I thought that book was much more realistic.