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Atwood's Apocalyptic Ending

Title: MaddAddam
Author: Margaret Atwood

In the final book of her distopian trilogy, Margaret Atwood draws her reader back into the harsh world of Oryx and Crake with the same relentlessness that characterizes the first two books.  The conclusion, though, has a beauty that haunts its reader long after the novel ends. 

Unlike many trilogies, Atwood's "speculative fiction" trilogy encompasses three versions of a story woven together with gaps and omissions that are resolved yet left open by the end of MaddAdams because of Atwood's carefully rendered, polyvocal story.  Each of these books includes multiple voices and perspectives, and the final story blends jadedness and suffering with optimism and hope (which Atwood exposes, through the entire text, as naïve and based on deliberately-fed misinformation yet sweet, pure, and ultimately sustaining—in a way at least). 

Oryx and Crake, After the Flood, and MaddAdams are books I will return to—each one requires careful reading, yet it is easy to become immersed in the world.