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A Clash of Kings

Author: George R. R. Martin

The second in the Song of Ice and Fire series, or Game of Thrones for those who watch the T.V. Series, A Clash of Kings details the civil war started by the death of King of Robert Baratheon in Book 1.  King Joeffry Baratheon took over his fathers seat in King's Landing, Robb Stark, Stannis Baratheon, Renly Baratheon, Daenrys Targaryen, and Balon Greyjoy all declare themselves King of their Kingdoms, and are fighting to be the next leader of the Seven Kingdoms.  All feel that they have equal right to the throne, for one reason or another.  Each chapter is written from the viewpoint of a different character, which can sometimes be confusing and admittedly, this book took me longer to complete than usual, however, I enjoyed the book and never wanted to give up on it.  This series is a must for the sci-fi/fantasy genre fans.