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The delicacy of family relationships

Author: Paula Treick DeBoard

I could NOT put this book down. I couldn't wait to turn the page!  I gave this book 5 stars.

I was first drawn to this book because it took place in Wisconsin ~ what can I say? I'm a Wisconsinite! Secondly, the synopsis of the book sounded so good ~ my kind of book!  I was not disappointed.

Kirsten's brother, Johnny, was the last person to see Stacy Lemke, his sixteen year old girlfriend, before she vanishes, and all suspicion falls on him.  The author does an excellent job telling the story.  We want to believe that Johnny is completely innocent, but the author subtly casts a shadow of doubt.  Keeping their silence, some of the family members have their doubts.  Over the next sixteen years, the tragedy has torn the family apart, relationships are fragile.

The story draws you in, as told through the eyes of nine year old Kirsten, we see the situation as a child does. As adults, sometimes we over analyze things, just think it through too much. Or sometimes, we see things we think that are, but turn our heads and ignore the obvious, because we don't want to see it.

Back together after another family tragedy, the thin veneer seems to have finally begun to peel back. And as it does . . .

Loved this book!  Highly recommended!