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Title: Farside
Author: Ben Bova

If you like science fiction that involves space travel, you will like this book.  I really enjoyed it, cover to cover.  The story revolves around outposts on the moon, literally the "far side" of the moon, where an egotistical scientist, Jason Ulrich,  in search of a Nobel Prize commands a group of subordinates who are constructing an unbelievably complex radio telescope facility for the Universtiy of Selene.  Ulrich was once a professor at the University, and though now blind, he is the director of the Farside complex.  Advanced medical technology has allowed him a little "sight" although it is nowhere near normal. 

As you might expect, some of the people have goals that may not be in the best interest of Farside, or for Ulrich to complete the task of being the first to verify the existance of an inhabitable planet nearer to Earth than otherwise thought.  In this vein, the villain is readily picked out by the reader who is paying attention, and therefore the ending is a little bit predictable.

Another interesting vein in the story line involves the use of nanobots, which have been outlawed on Earth due to some rogue bots commiting murder, being used to keep people healthy and young, and to prevent overexposure to radiation.

This book received less than good reviews on Amazon, but I really did enjoy it.  Die-hard sci fi lovers may find it a bit condascending but if you go into it not expecting some interwoven, complicated story, and just look for a good read, I think you will enjoy it too.