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The Good House

Author: Ann Leary

This book is a fun read about a quirky and highly succesful real estate agent, Hildy Good, who is pretending to be recovered from alcoholism.  Hildy is descended from a long line of ancestors who also lived in the small Masachusetts town, and she is quite proud to tell people one of her relatives was hung as a witch in Salem.  People think Hildy has powers too, but she doesn't, she's just good at reading people, which comes in quite handy when selling exhorbitantly priced real estate.

When we first meet Hildy, she is not long out of rehab, having been sent there following an intervention staged by her daughters and her soon-to-be-fired assistant.  However, Hildy never really gave up alcohol and is hiding her drinking quite successfully from the entire town.

The twon is filled with interesting characters, and the book makes you care about each one.

This would be a good book to take on a trip or to cuddle up with under a quilt!