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Hard hitting fiction

Author: Vince Flynn

This is another thrilling episode in the life of one of the CIA's best operatives, Mitch Rapp. The action starts on page one and continues through the entire book. Mitch works with some of the best warriors America has to offer to protect our government and way of life. The author brings the reader into the seedier side of politics and the thoughts that go through their heads when terrorists take over the white house and put the President and a number of hostages in dire peril. Although this is fiction the reader can imagine it happening and would only hope that there would be people like Mitch Rapp to look out for our best interests. This is a hard hitting, exciting fictional account that is hard to put down. It even has a dash of romanticism in it that puts a softer side on a story that seems all to possible. Another must read by Vince Flynn.