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Just too long and boring, but predictable

Author: Sandra Moran

I rated this book 2 stars.

The story line was an interesting concept. Lesbian women in the the 1930's, and spanning several decades.

The story had some interesting twists, but for the most part it just seemed to drag. The games between the two women went on forever. Even in that day and age, I can't believe that a relationship would be so fraught with pettiness. It was very frustrating at times. I just wanted to tell them, get on with it already.  But then other times, public displays of affection?

None of the characters were even particularly likeable except for Mrs. Yokkum.

Another book that kept me reading because I wanted to find out what happened, but suuucccchhhh sssllloooowwww going.

The ending had a few twists, but predictable.

When will I ever learn my lesson? If a book drags out forever and really isn't all that interesting . . . why don't I just skip through the middle and read the ending? One of these days . . . I am going to learn. To heck with boring books! Life is too short!