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Life lessons learned

Author: Jeanette Walls

Another fast-paced read by Jeannette Walls.  A tale of two young girls, Bean and Liz, who learn a lot of life lessons the hard way.  Charlotte, the girls mother is an unstable, irresponsible dreamer who leaved the girls time after time to chase after a man.  Charlotte leaves the girls home again with $200. to purchase enough chicken pot pies that's suppose to last the girls for weeks until Charlotte returns.  However, this time social services is snooping around and Bean and Liz take off for their uncle's home.  The  story is set in the '70's and the girls experience traveling across country alone, to going to an integrated school to just finding someone to love and take care of them.

The book may be fiction, but is a disturbing reminder how careless and selfish some parents can be.   Even with that said, I found myself slipping into the book and getting lost in Jeannett's writing.  I love her clever ways of description, such as "bandersnatchers" and "tire-kickers."