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LOVE Harlequin Romance Books

Author: Patricia Thayer

Jess Calhoun is a single mom....Brady, her son, is the light of her life. Jess has learned early on not to trust a cowboy wearing a Stetson, they just never stay. Jess has been helping her brother, Holt, to run the ranch since her fathers death. Before her father died, he meet the best horse trainer in the world. Hired him on the spot. It just took Johnny Jameson a bit longer to get to the Calhoun Ranch.Johnny goes from Job to Job, never setting any roots down. Johnny figures no need to, Always on the go to another Ranch in need of his Horse training. Jess has tried to not fall in love with Johnny, but it happened. Jonny is so great for her son, Brady. Last thing Jess wants is her son's heart to get hurt whenn Johnny finishes his job at the ranch and moves on to the next. 

Book Features: