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Man Up

Author: Ross Mathews

Another book by a comedian from my favorite late night talk show, Chelsea Lately. This is Ross Mathews first book and I hope he has another one out in the NEAR future.

In each chapter he writes about times in his life that make him who is is today. He grew up in a small town and always had a dream to be a talk show host. He calls himself a superfan and reveals his most embarrassing and hilarious moments. Even though he has had girlfriends, he always knew he was attracted to guys. And he thanks the girls in his life that made him realize this.

Ross describes how he applied to the Tonight show to be an intern, working his a** off for no pay and how he wouldn't never regret it. The producers of the Tonight Show saw something in Ross and made him a special on air interviewer. He was sent to the Winter Olympics and knew his "crush", Michelle Kwan would get a gold medal and was devastated when she only got Bronze.

This book was written before he found out he finally did realize his childhood dream and he now has his own talk show starting in Sept 2013.