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New Meaning to the Term "Corporate Zombie"

Author: Rachel Caine

I have read many books by Rachel Caine and this is by far the strangest.  Bryn Davis is just an ordinary girl, starting a new job at a funeral home after serving four years in iraq.  She is eager to impress her new boss, funeral director Lincoln Fairview.  However, this may require skills that Bryn is not prepared to learn.  After a horrific first day on the job, dealing with an overly depressed customer and a creepy assistant, Bryn accidentally overhears a conversation in which her boss seems to claim to revive the dead.  Certain she has misheard, Bryn investigates further only to find herself waking up...dead.  Aided by Joe Fideli and Patrick McCallister, two security men working for a large drug company, Bryn must learn the truth behind Lincoln Fairview's words, all while being hunted by an executive at the pharmacy company who is bent on killing off her own employees, politicians, and other powerful people in an effort to secure that power for herself.  Relying on a drug that was never meant to exist and can only be administered by Joe and Patrick, Bryn must rush to expose the truth of this drug and the horrible future it could help enable.  

The story is very good and the book moves along briskly.  I would have liked to see more character development but overall, I liked it.