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Sometimes the sequel just isn't any good . . .

Title: Fly Away
Author: Kristin Hannah

Sometimes there should not be sequels to books. This was one of them.

What did I like about the book? It finally ended! Maybe a little that Cloud aka Dorothy had some redemption.

The first 300 pages just dragged on and on and on and forever. Finally, a real story was beginning to take shape. I was getting so frustrated with the story that I wanted to just quit. How many times can we go back and forth about how Tully was so unloved, that Marah was a brat, that Tully missed Kate, that she was unloved, that Marah was ungrateful, and that Kate was missed? Poor Tully. Poor, poor Tully. It took 300 pages to say that? As far as a "death" experience? I've read Sunday cartoons that had more depth.

I was so absolutely disappointed with this book and nearly jumped for joy when it was finally finished.

I have enjoyed Kristin Hannah's books and will probably read one again, but this one was awful. If I could give it a half star ~ that's what I would do.