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Teen Age Killers

Author: Daleen Berry Geoffrey C. Fuller

In July 2012, Skylar Neese became missing. Her remains were found in January 2013.

This book takes us step by step on what really happened. From the happy life the 3 best friends had  to how two of them turned on one and murdered her. There never was trial since eventually the two girls, Sheilia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf admitted their guilt. Sheila was sentenced to life for first degree murder and Rachel to 30 years.

The authors writes in the point of views of the parents, friends, the two killers and Skylar.

One the back cover of the book, it says that this finally provides the answer to Skylar's final quesiton. WHY? The killers say they killed her because they didn't  like her anymore. The investigation goes on to say that Sheila and Rachel were afraid Skylar was going to reveal their lesbian relationship. One investigator still believes it was a thrill kill. Sheila Eddy never shown any remorse for what she did. Rachel Eddy did and had a mental breakdown and eventually assisted the police in getting Sheila to admit her guilt.

A very well written book for true crime fans.