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The throes of alcoholism

Author: Ann Leary

This book was closer to 5 stars, than 4, and deserved the higher rating.

If you have ever had someone in your life who is an alcoholic, this was an excellent insight into how they think. They will give you every reason they can possible think of to justify their drinking. How it is not a problem; they can function, have successful careers, etc. Whatever excuse they can give.

It is difficult to watch the person you love descend into the abyss that their behavior causes. I agree with what was said in the book. Intervention does not always work. The alcoholic (or drug addict) has to WANT to change. When and until the person admits that alcohol is in control of their life, and they WANT to change, we can and often do feel helpless.

This book is not a solution. What Ms Leary does is offer us insight into the life of an alcoholic. How they think. Their excuses. Denial. How they justify their behavior. Pain. The internal demons. It is spot on, and offers to those who love someone who is an alcoholic what goes on in their head.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has alcoholism in their lives.

Thank you Ms Leary for such an insightful book.