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Title: Timekeeper
Author: Alexandra Monir

"Those we've loved can never truely be lost. Time and death are nothing by illusions".

I love time travel stories.

This is the second book with the character of Michelle, who finds her father's journals and discovers he could time travel. The portal in which she also can time travel is a key that she wears around her neck.

In this story, Michelle is at school and is surprised that the boy she met and is in love with in another time  is sitting in her classroom and does not recognize her. He turns out to be the reincarnation of the one she had to leave behind in the past. He promised to somehow come to her in her own time and he did by being reincarnated into his own great great grandson.

As it turns out the key Michelle wears around her neck, is a key passed down through generations of time travelers. The person who has the key, on his deathbed, passes it down to the next in line, who he feels has the time travel gift.

Michelle just existing is a Time society's no-no. She is the product of one parent who lives in the 21st century and one who is from the 19th century.

The evil in this story is Rebecca who has killed and stolen a time travel key that she has no right too. This is a well written young adult novel. The best part is when Michelle, Phillip her reincarnated boyfriend fought against Rebecca in the years 1904, 1953 and 2010 all at the same time.

Now to put Alexandra Monir first book on hold at the library. The story "Timeless" shows how Michelle met her boyfriend in the past.