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Title: Fangirl
Author: Rainbow Rowell

This is a heart waming comming of age story.

The main charecter, Cath, is a fanfiction loving introvert. Cath and her twin sister Wren are starting freshmen year of collage and cath is a wreck. Wren already told Cath that she dosent want to be her room mate, so Cath is left to fend for herself. Cath sepnds every night in her room wrighting Simon Snow fanfictions. That is untill she befriends her room mates boyfriend Levi.

This is a fantastic read! Sweet and hilarious, Fangirl is an allround great story.

Author: Kate Hattemer

Selwyn Academy is a school for the arts; for the prima ballerinas, the future stars of Broadway, the artists who's work is identical to real life. However, the elite school is being destroyed by a reality TV show, For Art's Sake, a sleazy production that manipulates the students and teachers at Selwyn. Or at least, that's what Luke, Ethan's best friend says. Ethan doesn't mind the show that much; it allows him to gawk at Mia, a contestant on the show, whom he has a huge crush on, without being a stalker. But Luke is determined to bring down For Art's Sake and restore Selwyn's honor. Following in the steps of Ezra Pound, Luke, Ethan, and two of their others friends, write a long poem, capturing the attention of their fellow students. However, the people who are behind For Art's Sake are craftier than they realized, and soon the four are surrounded by a web of lies and betrayal that runs deeper than they could have ever imagined. Hattemer's quirky novel, filled with humor, wit, and interesting characters, and a deeper lesson that will resonate will everyone who picks up this marvelous book.

Author: James Patterson

 Treasure hunters is about  four kids that are left alone on there ship called The Lost. The reason that there left alone is that there mom was kidnapped so they dont know if she is alive or dead, all they know is that she was kidnapped in cyprus. They were with there dad but he flew off the dech of the ship when they were going through a storm. So these four kids, tommy, bick, rebecca,and storm, have to follow there dads clues to get there mom back and find if there dad is dead or alive.

Author: Wendy Mass

When sixteen-year-old Tessa Reynolds suffers from getting hit in the head by a dodgeball during gym class. She thinks that she has died and gone to heaven. Has she really gone to her heaven that looks like a mall. In her trip she meets a boy who has a drill bit in his head and she calls him nail boy. Nail boy takes to the mall's  lost and found and hands her a bag with stuff in it, then he disappers. No family, no friends, and  all of the stores in the mall. What would you do? What does Tessa do? What is in the bag? Does she live? Well you'll have to read the book to find.  


Title: Lies
Author: Michael Grant

Lies is the third instalment to Michael Grant's Gone series. I was happy to find that the Fayz was the same old same old, but that was untill I got a few chapters in. As it turned out, everything completly changed, even some of the character's personalities. I loved the explination that Michael Grant gave for their changing personalities and emotions and values, mostly because it made so much sence. Again this book was completly stuffed with twists and turns and a plot thick enough for a dictionary, but somehow it seemed slow. Even with all the twists (and well LIES) the book seemed to snail along. I found myself at the edge of my chair nearly every chapter, but the in between scenes were slow, to be blunt. I still found it an amazing read, and would recomend anyone who likes teen powers, mystery, and sifi to read this book series. I can't wait to read the next book in the Gone series, Plague.

Author: Leila Sales

This book had me thinking a lot. There's this girl, named Elise, who always seems so depressed and friendless, who also has thoughts of suicide, but against all odds, she is also an outstanding dj. She has her below average regular life, but then she has her outstanding secret club DJing life. At her club she can be who she really wants to without worrying about the outside people. I feel like it's one of the better books out there, because it really gets your mind into it, and it's a more realistic book, because real people actually have these problems. I mean they don't all become underground djs, but they do have the other problems, ya know?

Author: C.C. Payne

This book, about fifth grader Lulu Bell Bonner, is a great book. Lulu Bell wants to fit in with the mean popular girls and keeps ignoring her real friend, Alan. She tries hiding her brains and musical talent. When her Grandma Bernice dies, Lulu Bell realizes something important about friendship and "letting your light shine". This book would get four out of five stars.

Author: Elizabeth Eulberg

This book really got my attention when Macallan showed Levi where the bubbler was! Even though the location of the story had not been revealed, that one word clearly places the story in Wisconsin.   I immediately had to look up the author and discovered she is from Portage, WI.  The book goes on to fly the proud Wisconsin flag even higher by referencing Culver's ButterBurgers and custard on a regular basis.  

In addition to all of the great Wisconsin references, the story is really sweet, frustrating at times, but sweet.  It switches back and forth between the Macallan and Levi's points of view. I appreciated the use of different fonts for the two voices.  I also enjoyed the extra "commentary" in conversation form from the two characters at the end of each chapter that was as if they were looking back on the development of the relationship.  I felt like all of the characters were written well. (It was so nice to see parents who were present and engaged in their kids lives and responsible!)  They were realistic and relateable. Even though the book covers a fairly large time frame, from 7th grade through senior year, I didn't see much change in the growth of the characters but the romance did grow well. 

 This was a 5 of 5 stars for me! If you are looking for a light, fun romance, I highly recommend this book!