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Reviews by Mariel: (Marinette) Stephenson Public Library

Author: Morgan Matson

After her father dies, Amy's brother leaves for rehab and her mother relocates the family from California to Connecticut. While Amy's mother is readying their new home in Connecticut, Amy and the car are in California. Since her father's death, however, Amy can't bring herself to get behind the wheel, so Roger, a family friend, agrees to drive the car and Amy to Connecticut. Amy's mother carefully planned the travel itinerary--booking hotel reservations and mapping out routes between destination cities--but Amy and Roger find themselves winding through America at their own pace, conquering fears, making friends, taking chances, and coming to terms with their decisions. Well-written, emotional, funny, charming, and real, this book is the perfect travel companion.


Title: After
Author: Amy Efaw

Fifteen-year-old Devon Davenport was a straight-A student, keeper on her soccer team, responsible babysitter to a young set of twins, and volunteer soccer coach and official. This is how a determined young Devon stayed off the path of following in her flirty, irresponsible, and selfish mother's footsteps. Who would guess that a girl with a squeaky clean reputation would find herself in a juvinile detention center for the attempted murder of a baby--her baby? In this descriptive, sensitive, insightful, and heartbreaking story, Amy Efaw describes the powers of decision-making, denial, and confronting the truth inside tragedy.

Author: Sonya Sones

Ruby's life changes when her mother dies, and she gets shipped across the United States to Los Angeles to live with her estranged movie star father. Told in a series of journal-entry poems and e-mails to friends and her dead mother, Ruby learns about adaptation and grief, and that there are two sides to every story--if you just take a moment to listen. I enjoyed reading Ruby's candid thoughts about her mother, her father, her boyfriend, her best friend, and her life.

Author: Sara Zarr

Have you ever felt like you'll never measure up to other people's expectations of you? Or that you have to live up to a standard someone else set for you? Try being Samara Taylor--the pastor's daughter in a small community. Sam thinks that she can't really be truthful about herself to her friends because she can't tell people that her momâ?Ts in rehab, or that she questions her faith in God, or that she wishes her dad would pay attention to her as much as he attends to everyone else's needs. Spend a week with Sam in the midst of a search for a missing girl to find out about testing faith in God, forgiveness, friendship, trust, and coming clean about the messy parts of life.

Author: Marie Rutkoski

The second installment of The Kronos Chronicles is as gripping and heartfelt as the first tale of mystery, magic, and thievery. After stealing her father's eyes back from Prince Rudolpho's Cabinet of Wonders, neither Petra Kronos nor her family or friends are safe from the Prince's wrath. Fortunately (or unfortunately) the mental link between John Dee and Petra saves her from the Prince's minions, but keeps her locked up in London until she can solve the mystery behind two deaths in Queen Elizabeth's cabinet. Petra must learn to harness her magical powers to free her of Dee's supervision so she can rescue her father from the Prince's imprisonment.

Title: Impossible
Author: Nancy Werlin

Lucinda Scarborough is one in a long line of women cursed by an Elfin Knight. As family legend tells, the women in Lucy's family have all resisted being this elf's true love and have, therefore, suffered a curse of madness after giving birth to a baby girl by age eighteen. After Lucy is raped at her school's prom, she must decide whether to believe in the curse and protect her unborn baby daughter by cracking the riddle that will end the spell once and for all. I enjoyed the way this modern-day fantasy of tragedy, true love, and family support mingled with the magic of tradition, folk lore, and otherworldliness.