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Reviews by : Waupaca Area Public Library


Title: Lies
Author: Michael Grant

Lies is the third instalment to Michael Grant's Gone series. I was happy to find that the Fayz was the same old same old, but that was untill I got a few chapters in. As it turned out, everything completly changed, even some of the character's personalities. I loved the explination that Michael Grant gave for their changing personalities and emotions and values, mostly because it made so much sence. Again this book was completly stuffed with twists and turns and a plot thick enough for a dictionary, but somehow it seemed slow. Even with all the twists (and well LIES) the book seemed to snail along. I found myself at the edge of my chair nearly every chapter, but the in between scenes were slow, to be blunt. I still found it an amazing read, and would recomend anyone who likes teen powers, mystery, and sifi to read this book series. I can't wait to read the next book in the Gone series, Plague.

Author: Arikawa Hiro

My friend had been bothering me to read this manga for the longest time. I didn't really want to read it because the way she described it to me made it sound boreing, not my kind of book. But one day when I was board I grabbed it off the shelf and didn't put it down till I was finished. I sat in the library and read it right there, didn't even get to check it out. I continued on to read the second and third book in that sitting, but had to check out the rest for lack of time. Honestly one of my top five manga's I've read in my life! So much action, tons of laughs, and drama to tie it all together. The perfect amount of romance puts the bow on this manga series. I would recomend this to anyone and everyone, with a well thought out background and wonderful character development, there is a twist right around every turn. I am in love with this manga, cannot wait for the next chapter~!

Author: Steve Sheinkin

What?!  A plot to steal a presidential corpse and hold it for ransom to free an imprisoned counterfeiter?  Yep.  Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.  But were they successful? I love Steve Sheinkin's books because they are nonfiction that read like fiction.  This one will not disappoint.

Title: Gone
Author: michael grant

The book titled Gone is centered around Sam, a nobody surfer dude. He is sometimes called School Bus Sam because of his hiroic deed he had done when he was 13. The bus driver had a heart attack while driving on a bridge and Sam jumped up and guided the bus to a safe stop on the shoulder of the road. One day he was in Math class when suddenly his math teacher was just gone. It took him a couple minutes to notice the lack of his monotoned voice, but when he did notice the rest of the class was whispering. Sam asked where the teacher went and other kids said he was just gone. There was no poof, no disapearing, he was just there one minute and gone the next. In the next few pages you are informed that all the adults in this large beach town were also gone. It seemed everyone over the age of 14 was gone. The rest of the book was gripping, and each chapter was told by a different person's point of view, which was very interesting. The writing style was fantastic, and I couldn't put this book down for the life of me. I was so glad to see that the second book was at the library when I had finished with this novel, I don't think I could have handled waiting for a week or more to get it. I would highly recomend this book and this series to anyone who loves misteries, conflict, fighting, and a constant struggle for power and survival. Great book!

Author: Hillary Jordan

Welcome to a not-so-distant future where felons, rather than wasting federal resources in prisons, are instead "melachromed:" a process where their very skin is dyed to represent the crime that they committed. These "Chromes" are patronized by society and treated brutally, often banned or segregated in many areas of cities. 

The story's protagonist is the young woman Hannah Payne, a skilled Texas dressmaker who lives with her parents and sister in a fundamentalist Christian town. She has committed the worst crime of all- murder. For she has had an illegal abortion, the product of an affair with a man whose identity she is determined to keep secret. Hannah's skin is dyed scarlet to forever remind herself and warn others of her crime, and she is imprisoned in a Chrome ward where the struggles of millions of Chromes are televised to the nation. When she is released, she finds that nothing will be the same.

Hannah must face danger, steel herself, and question everything she believed in to survive as a Chrome in the world she once loved. "When She Woke" is a brilliant new take on the classic "The Scarlet Letter," in addition to a thorough examination of religion, ethics, government, and what relation they should share. 

Author: keith giffen

This is a manga book, that is for teens not a childrens book, not what i was expecting, not a bad manga just not my favorite.

Author: Ken Setterington

Whether writing an informational paper on the history of Gay Rights or trying to get a better handle on the information for yourself, this book serves a great function. This non-fiction novel includes pictures, letters, timelines, and true life stories of a handful of Gay men who lived during Nazi rule.Not often do I read every word of a non-fiction book, but this one kept me reading.

An interesting fact I learned was: In 1919, Adolf Hitler became best friends with a man named Ernst Rohm (a homosexual). Rohm was named the first official leader of the SA (Hitler's Storm Section, who were in charge of disrupting opposing political parties' meetings and protecting Hitler). People just ignored the fact that there was a gay man leading part of an army that was against gay relations. All good things must end of course, so in 1934 Hitler was pressured to disband the SA (Rohm wasn't very happy). Heinrich Himmler (Head of the Nazi intelligence) and Hermann Goring (head of the Nazi air force) wanted more power and they wanted it quickly. Their big idea was to eliminate Rohm all together. On July 1st, 1934 a Nazi officer stepped into Rohm's cell and handed him a gun. Rohm is said to have replied "Let Adolf do it himself." He was executed by two Nazi officers and his body was hauled off in secret. 

This book is very informational but very readable at the same time and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in LGBTQ literature. 

Title: Shine
Author: Lauren Myracle

This book is follows the classic "who-done-it" storyline. There is a crime (Patrick Truman is found beaten, bound, and left for dead and now sits in a comatose state), there is a detective (Sixteen year old Cat is determined to discover the truth of what happened to her former best friend), there are a few suspects (an old friend, some out-of-town college kids, an old drunk guy, a meth user, and an illusive no-name boyfriend), and there is a twist, which is why this book is worth a few hours of your time. I couldn't put this book down for two days. I highly recomend this to anyone who is looking for a good roller-coaster ride.