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2013 Reviews by Library: Lakewood

Title: Shelter
Author: Harlan Coben

Harlan Coben is a bestselling mystery/thriller author for adults, and here he dips his toe into the lucrative teen market. Shelter features Mickey Bolitar, nephew of Coben's sports agent/detective protagonist Myron Bolitar.

Mickey, who has spent most of his travelling the world with his humanitarian parents, has just lost his father in a car accident. His mother in rehab, he moves in unhappily with Uncle Myron and enrolls in school, uncertain where he fits in. He meets fellow oddballs Ashley, a girl with a past; Ema, a defensive, overweight and clever outcast; and Spoon, a brilliant techie on the spectrum. When Ashley suddenly disappears, and the couple she claimed were her parents tell Mickey they have no children, Mickey finds himself trying to solve a mystery that will save a girl's life. In investigating, he gets some hints about mysteries in his own family...

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