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Author: S.E. Hinton

The story follows the lives of Ponyboy, his two brothers Darry and Sodapop, and their “gang” of greasers as they deal with the death of their parents, their positions in life, and trouble with the law caused by the accidental death of a rival (Bob). Ponyboy and Johnny run away from the scene of the crime in order to evade the authorities and the repercussions of what happened. They stay at a church out of town for five days and end up saving a group of children from a burning church. Johnny is severely injured during their act of heroism and requires hospitalization…will he survive?  Ponyboy goes back to school and brings the book full circle with his theme paper. It begins as the book began, “When I stepped out into the bright sunlight…”

Author: Lucy Mod Montgomery

This Book starts with a very loud and imagitive orphan girl with bright red hair and frecals. When shy Marilla and Mathew cuthberd adopt Anne, a very loud outspoken girl, you know therer will be trouble.

Anne Of Green Gables is a timeless classic for everyone. It will Make you laugh and cry. I strongly recomend Anne Of Green Gabels

Author: Edmond Rostand

SPOILERS: First, I have to say that I indeed read this play for school, but it was really wonderful, so just deal with it. Ha, ha. It's about this guy, Cyrano. Cyrano has a big nose, a huge nose, and he believes that no one will ever love him because he isn't gorgeous and through his whole life he believes this. He is in love with his cousin and he thinks that maybe she could love him if she looked past his looks, so he teams up with her soon to be and then is her husband. Christian uses Cyrano's words to make Roxane fall in love with him, but eventually she tells Christian she is only in love with his words, so then Christian tells Cyrano that he can go ahead and tell Roxane it was him all along. That would've been okay, but then Christian dies and Cyrano doesn't feel right about telling Roxane, so she doesn't find out until Cyrano is about to die. It's really tradgic, romantic, and funny. I really love the baker, he's a hoot! I gave this play 5/5 stars and you probably don't even have to read the play, because I've just explained the whole thing.. I think you should still read it anyway.

Author: Emily Dickinson

I thought they were very good life poems.

Title: Tom Sawyer
Author: Mark Twain

This is a cute story about a bay named Tom Sawyer. I ‘m sure you’ve heard of him. But do you know his story? He tends to get into a lot of mischief. He has a best friend named Huckleberry Finn, whom Tom is not allowed to play with ‘cause Huck is a down right scoundrel. Together they disappear for days, but then Tom’s conscience gets the better of him and they decide to go home. When they get there, they realize that everyone is at a funeral service for...who?...Tom?! After he was severely punished for that, he and Huck go off and dig for buried treasure. In the midst of their search, they discover a secret that could kill them. Oh, and did I mention the dead cat?

This is a good ole classic that’s fun and exciting. It’s full of adventure and roarin’ good times!! I give it four stars.

Author: caroline dale snedeker

This is a story of a young girl, named Chloe, who never new her father. He abandoned her and left her to be a slave in one of his villas, and she grew up with strong hatred for the man who had ruined her life. Her only companion was Melissa, also a slave, and her mother's dearest friend.

Aulus, a handsome young noble, who is banished from his beloved city, Rome, meets Chloe. Soon he finds him self constantly thinking about her. their relationship grows. but then something goes terribly wrong. this tale takes place in the ancient world of Rome, during time of trouble between the senate and the people.

Written by caroline dale snedeker, this historically accurate, Newberry honor was published in 1929.

This book was actually a school assignment. when i started reading, i was captivated. the book started out with Chloe and her present situation. Then it moved on to Aulus and his situation in the goverment. For me this was slightly boring. But then it picked up and went to Chloe, then bothe of them. The boredom in the middle of the book was well worth the wait for the end, i couldn't set the book down. I think that The Forgotten Daughter was a very good book, and i recommend it to you.

Editor's note: InfoSoup does not currently own a copy of this 1934 Newbery Honor Book.

Author: Gaston Leroux

Okay, so who hasn't heard of the Phantom of the Opera? It's a story about an opera house that is haunted by a man, a genius, a mad genius, a mad genius that happened to a monster, but he was quite human, though, still a monster. He has the face of "Death's head", four dark holes in his face. Two holes instead of eyes, he had no nose, and for a mouth,'ll have to figure that one out for your self. He also did some terrible things, including murder, kidnapping, torturing...the list goes on. It is also a story of a young girl named Christine Daae, who lost her father at a young age. Before he died he told her that when he was in heaven, he would send her the Angel of Music, and she has been visited by the angel. Then one day she comes forth on the stage and enchants every one with a voice angel's. In the crowd there is a young man who recognizes her from their child-hood years. But when they meet each other again, Christine seems distant.

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Author: Harper Lee

To Kill A Mockingbird is a beautiful, wonderful story that everyone should read. Don't just pick it up because your teacher asked you to; do it because you want to. Even though the beginning might not start off with breathtaking action, if you finish the story you will have no regrets. Harper Lee wrote a powerful and moving story that inspired me. To Kill A Mockingbird could just about be one of the best stories of all time.

Author: Holling Clancy Holling

This is another amazing classic about a boy who carves a canoe called 'Paddle to the Sea' and drops it into Lake Superior. He carves on the bottom of it a message requesting that anyone who finds it put it back in the water. The canoe and its passenger have amazing adventures. You learn your geography without even trying! LOVE IT!

Author: Scott O'Dell

This amazing fictional account of Karana, a young woman who was abandoned for 18 years on an island off of the coast of California, describes what daily life must have been like for her. We also question, how would it feel to be so isolated? She actually loved nature so much that isolation was not such a big deal for her. This book makes you reflect!!