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Author: Varian Johnson

Recommended by the CCBC, I found this book fast paced, clever, and suspenseful. Jackson Greene comes from a line of heisters (is that a word?!) and he decides to pull a heist for the benefit of his friend Gaby who he really likes. Gaby is running for class president in the middle school but her competition, bad guy Keith, seems to have it already all wrapped with the help of unsavory Dr. Kelsey who is the principal. Jackson gathers a group of talent around him to assure Gaby's win. Just when you think you know what is actually happening things get switched up. As the reader you feel double and maybe even triple crossed yourself! Generally, you might not want to support lies and tricks and subterfuge. But for this Robin Hood like figure? Oh, yeah, you want him to win, win, win with that brilliant mind of his. Another book is set to follow. I look forward to it.

*Also, I must note that "The Greene Code of Conduct", although particularly worded for this heisting family, includes some philosophies that work for general living!

Author: Marie Lu

The book is great. The focus is on the villain, instead of the hero. It’s one of the few books that has no clear side of “good guys” or “bad guys.” (At least, in the beginning.) Since the setting is medieval, I would assume that readers of fantasy, and science fiction genres would like it. Again, I think the book is great, and I definitely recommend it.

Reviewed by storymaker

Author: Jennifer E. Smith

I give it five stars. The movement of the two protagonists and their turmoil are very lifelike. I also appreciate how Lucy got books from each of the places she traveled and how it didn’t work out perfectly right away but how they rolled with the punches.

reviewed by Stacy_Morgan

Author: Jenny Han

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is not your average love story. There are plot twists, heart breaks, and  many surprises. The ending leaves you wanting more. It’s about a girl who has loved 5 boys in her life. Each time she’s loved a boy, she’s written him a letter professing her love. What you could probably guess is she never sent them, never had plans to send them, and the boys will never read them.  That is, until someone else decided to send them. Now she goes from having a love life that was almost non-existent, to one that is spiralling out of control.

reviewed by annakristina34

Author: Kendare Blake

The plot and everything is good, but the beginning is confusing, and the ending is horrible and sad. If there was a sequel, I would give it a 4, because series books end in cliffhangers. Other than the ending, I loved the book.

reviewed by naturelover 64

Another great series

Author: Anthony Horowitz

This book was about a boy named Alex Rider. He lived with his uncle, Ian. The book starts with Alex finding out that his uncle has been killed. He was told he was killed in a car accident and that he wasn't wearing his seat belt. Alex didn't believe it because his uncle always wore his seat belt. He did a little investigating and found the car. It had bullet holes all over it. Alex knew that his uncle was murdered.

He was taken away by the people that his uncle worked with. Alex thought his uncle worked at a bank. It turns out Ian was actually a spy. Those people wanted Alex to try to finish the job that his uncle started. He was trained already in martial arts, but they trained him in other areas, too. They modified a gameboy into an x-ray machine, some zit cream that dissolved metal, and a special cell phone that scanned photos. All these gadgets were supposed to help Alex find out what this computer guy, Mr. Sayle was up to. He was going to give a computer to each kid in school. They were all going to go "live" at the exact same time.

After some more investigating, Alex found out that the computers were set up to release the small pox virus. Will Alex be able to stop this in time? The story continues in the next book. I thought this book was very good. It kept moving quickly and there was a lot of suspense. I would recommend the book to anyone who likes mystery and action.

Title: Found
Author: Harlan Coben

This is the third book of this series which started with “Shelter”. The second book was “Seconds Away”. The main character of this series is Mickey Bolitar. He is a high school sophomore dealing with regular teenage problems at school and in sports. Ema and Spoon help him with solving mysteries. At the end of “Seconds Away” we are still left with questions about Mickey’s father. Is he dead or alive?

Besides this mystery, Ema asks Mickey for help finding her online boyfriend after he disappears. Mickey didn’t even know she had a boyfriend. Spoon is still in the hospital. He was shot saving all of their lives in “Seconds Away”. Mickey felt a lot of guilt for Spoon being in the hospital. They don’t know if Spoon will ever walk again. While all of this is going on, there is a drug scandal at school when the school’s basketball star, Troy, tests positive for steroids. He asks Mickey for his help to prove he is innocent. As that story unfolds, we find out that Troy actually did use steroids, but he tried to frame Mickey to make him look guilty. Luckily, it didn’t work.

The “Bat Lady” makes a reappearance in this book. She was the first one to tell Mickey that his father was still alive. He thought she was just a crazy, old lady. But, it turns out she knew what she was saying. In fact, Mickey and his uncle go to her house. She is not there, but after a search they find a sealed, secret room. After a lot of effort, Mickey was able to get the door open with an axe. He found his father inside this room. Brad Bolitar was locked in the room for eight months since his accident. Mickey’s mother was in rehab. She fell apart after she lost Mickey’s dad. The very last part of the book brings the family all back together. There are still questions to answer, such as who put Brad in that sealed room and why? It was pretty obvious it couldn’t have been the “Bat Lady”. Hopefully there will be a fourth book to reveal more of the story.

This was a great book. I think the mystery about Mickey's father is very interesting and kept me reading.  I really liked this whole series.

It is another one I ready with my son, Eric. 

Author: Jake Maddox

This is an awesome book about a girl named Gina. She moved to a new school and is super excited about joining the soccer  team. The other girls on her team can't wait to win a game together, but Gina wants to impress the coach. When the game comes around, Gina is all set to win. So she does all she can; by herself!!! The girls are very disappointed in her, and her team loses the game. She doesn't know what happened! She did everything right! But she didn't. She forgot the key ingredient to winning a soccer game. When Gina realizes what went wrong, she is worried that her friends won't forgive her. She is determined to set things right. What was it that Gina forgot? Will her team forgive her? There's only one way to find out. Read this awesome and exciting book!!!

Author: Jake Maddox

This is a wonderful book about a high-spirited girl named Jo. She loves softball and would love to make it on a winning team this year, a team like the Red Angels. When Jo finds out that she is on a different team, she is very disappointed. However, over the weeks of practice, she grows to love her team. So when she gets a surprising invitation, she has a hard decision to make. Later on, Jo finds out an interesting secret about the Red Angels and gets a shock! Will Jo choose a winning team with a secret, or a team that she's grown to love? Read this exciting and encouraging book to find out!!!

Author: Jerry Spinelli

I listened to this book on Playaway, fun, fun.

The title comes from a change to the Robert Frost line "Miles to go before I sleep", being "Smiles to go before I weep".

Jerry Spinelli never fails to tell a good story. Will Tuppence is the protagonist in this book. He has two close friends, Mi-Su and B.T. but things get awkward when both B.T. and Will are interested in having Mi-Su as a girlfriend. The other tension in the book is Will's little sister Tabby who is so darn annoying to him. Will is interested in the cosmos and atoms and science. He also likes chess. Ultimately,he is a typical teenager trying to figure it all out. This is a good "slice of life" book.