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A Book for Everyone

Title: Num8ers
Author: Rachel Ward

When I first picked up this book I wasn't expecting a while lot out of it, just another summer read to bide my time. However, my opinion quickly changed within the first few chapters as the book quickly captured my attention. A novel unlike any other, Num8ers is the story of a girl who can see a person's death day when she looks in their eyes. When she sees the same death day for many of the people at the London Eye, she quickly runs from the scene, knowing something terrible is going to happen. Now she is on the run from the law with her friend Spider who was with her at the London Eye.

I really enjoyed this book because it has so many different elements to it and they all came together in an extraordinary way. The way the author writes I'd completely different from anything I have ever read before and I was super attached to the characters she created. The plot was captivating and intriguing with twists that nearly blew my mind. I would recommend this book to anyone, granted they're over 11 or 12 years old, only because there are a few mature topics and some cussing. 

Everyone should put this on their summer reading list as a book that is action packed, a crazy adventure, and a read that will knock your socks off.