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Book Review

Author: Steve Sheinkin

Benedict Arnold is born in the time of the Revolutionary War. He’s desperate to prove himself and has a need for attention not satisfied by walking across burning barns. With the want to serve his new country he joins the army during the Revolutionary War and is soon one of the most powerful, daring men the U.S Army has. But will The Notorious Benedict Arnold and his daring power hungry actions meet a downfall?

On the cold morning of January 14, 1741 possibly the greatest wartime hero is born to a disgraced family. With a dad who drinks and a mom who is weak and sick he wasn’t expected to do much better. But he surprises people by doing just the opposite. By the age of 13 he has far surpassed people's expectations, conquered his dad’s drinking problem and walked across a burning barn. Then in a move that was not such a surprise he joins the army. Very quickly he rises through the ranks and is soon one of the top generals in the U.S. Army. But will Benedict remember that no matter what happens he should do what’s right no matter the consequence?

This book is a great book for eleven year olds and older because some of the scenes may not be suitable for younger kids. This book is awesome and it has a lot of action and suspense. For those who want a good bit of adventure and surprise this book is perfect. The characters are people who actually existed in real life and the battles are real too. Read and find out if Benedict will do the right thing for his ego or for his new country.