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The CandyMakers: Book Review

Author: Wendy Mass

Breaking News! 32, 12 year olds from around the country were invited to create a brand new candy to enter on this highly respected hundred-year-old competition. 4 children: Philip, Miles, Daisy, and Logan the son of the owner of Life Is Sweet Candy Factory.None of them knew it yet, but that there lives were about to change forever.

“ It’s the annual candy making contest!!” says the owner of Life is Sweet Candy Factory. 4 kids. 1 girl & 3 boys. 1’s the candymakers son.Competing against 32 other kids. 4 days to make a new candy that the judges will love to death. In 4 days to learn all about candy making that you need to make your candy. If you don’t put all the ingredients down on the paper for the contest you are disqualified.The CandyMakers is a book full of suspense and kept me on the edge of my chair. What would you do if you had 4 days to create the world's next best candy? While learning about candy and the process of making it, readers may have a tough time figuring out the theme. Though I think the theme of this book is Trust and Friendship. While reading this book the main characters: Daisy, Logan, Miles , and yes sad but true Philip learn about trusting one another and making true friends.

Wendy Mass brought me on a exciting but very mysterious ride in her book The CandyMakers. Masses way of writing made the book IMPOSSIBLE to put down. This book is filled with twists, action, and lots and lots of facts about candy. This book was so good in made me hate to have to put it down. I recommend this book for kids ages 10- 14 or grades 5-7 if you enjoy action and mysteries. If you knew what was good for you, you would run to the store and get this book right now because this book earns............ a well earned CUPCAKE!!