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Clive Cussler at it again

Title: The Chase
Author: Clive Cussler

This is the first book of Clive Cusslers' that I have read in one day, and I am looking forward to some more of his fast paced, keep you on the edge of your seat type of writing when I am looking for something to do on a rainy day. (Or not rainy!)

The Chase does exactly as the title indicates, and Isaac Bell tracks down a famous robber-killer called the Butcher Bandit, who had held up over 20 banks in twelve years and killed over 40 innocent people, so there were no witnesses left to identify him. The author had enough detailed information of life in 1906 to take you back to this time period comfortably enough to be right there involved in the action, and the old cities of the West. With the gold rushes making and breaking the different towns growth and populations, the robber was becoming predictable if the railway was the link to do the crime and get away. This narrowed things down to what was where and when that helped solve the identity of the thief, and gave clues to what could possibly happen next. The technical information used by the author also helped to put you back in time with the struggles of how to communicate with authorities to get help when needed over large areas of different states and cities at that time.

And right when you think the criminal was done and captured, another twist would happen including the earthquake in San Francisco on April 18th 1906, which also described evrything going on in such detail that you thought the author was present for that as well. Still you had the chase continue to the very end, with a surprise conclusion to the story all the while hoping Mr. Bell would get the man.

Any one wanting an action packed fun read should definitely not miss this book. I am glad this author was on the Summer reading list at our library, as I might have missed it and I now have reason to read more of this authors work!