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Intriguing historical fantasy by Wisconsin author

Title: Legacy
Author: Cayla Kluver

Set in the mythical country of Hytanica, this fantasy story centers around the princess of a kingdom that was once at war with a ruthless country, Cokyri. As Alera is the crown princess and nearing her 18th birthday, she is being pressured to chose a man to marry with all the traits that will suit the next ruler of the country. While Alera attempts to find any suitor to her liking that her father will approve of more than his choice for succession, the arrogant Lord Steldor, a young man, Narian, who was stolen from his home country of Hytanica as a baby to be raised in Cokyi returns to his birth place to find his family and captures Alera's attention. With an impending war ensuing over Narian's return the choices that Alera make became even more important as heir to the throne. Struggling to deal with growing up while balancing her wishes, her father's wishes and what is best for the kingdom, this is also a coming of age story for a young girl. While the writing style is a somewhat unrefined in the first novel of this series, the story is captivating to the point that I couldn't stop reading and the writing definitely improves in the second book of the series.

With the second title in the series, Allegiance having been published this February and the third book in the series, Sacrifice, being released late 2012, this is the perfect time to start up this trilogy. Fans of historical fiction, romance and fantasy will enjoy this series, although the endearing characters and enticing story will captivate even casual YA readers.