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Shattered Mirror - Different, interesting, and suspensful

Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Shattered Mirror, what can I say? I practically wrote it in the title. It's so, what's the word, out of the ordinary. This book was published somewhere in 2001, which I know, apparently "way in the past", but really, it's quite amazing. To REALLY start this off, I will start with a summary. This book is about a girl named Sarah Vida, who is a witch, and a vampire hunter, with many secrets including the witch and vampire part. She's the daughter of Dominique Vida, who is one of the most famous vampire hunters, and witch out there, which is a lot to handle, considering Sarah is the YOUNGEST, yes I said youngest, in her clan. Her family hunts vampires to keep "Peace". Then a man named Christopher Ravena comes into her life when she moves to the small town. She knows he's a vampire, but when she's with him, forgets he's a vampire. Christopher though does not know that Sarah is a vampire hunter/witch of the Vida clan, which is pretty obvious since it's in her name.

The reason though, is because Christopher is not strong enough to realize that Sarah is a hunter, because Christopher has sworn off of human blood. But he finds out in one of the scenes, so it's totally fine. One of Sarah's ancestors, although strong and daring, was killed a long time ago, and the vampire that killed her still lives on today [in the book], and his name is Nikolas, and Sarah won't stop to find and kill him on the spot, even though Nikolas is strong, and when I say strong, i mean STRONG! But when she hangs out with Christopher some more, she finds out secrets about him, like how his brother is Nikolas. Scarey right? But that's just the beginning. As the story goes on, Sarah goes through many troubles, and annoyances of humans, and vampires, and sisterly love.

Okay, so the summary is, yes I know, VERY long. But I can't help it, I'm typing my mind for this. What my mind is saying is "This book is beyond imagining." End of story. As you read this book, you tend to get stuck in the story, knowing and not knowing what's happening. Amelia Atwater-Rhodes did an amazing job righting this book, and I honestly hope she wrote a book after this. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. To understand her writing more though, I should probably start reading more of her books, but this book really got my attention. When I walked around the house, with Shattered Mirror in my hands, my family thought it was a scary book just by judging by its cover, but it really isn't scary. It made my cry near the ending because it was that good, and I NEVER CRY while reading books, unless they are good. I know this review is PRETTY long, but hey, it just proves that this book is good, and that the writer should have the right to brag about it. Until next time, I rate this book a 11 out of 10. *Smiley face*