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Author: Dan Gutman

I absolutely loved this book. When I was in school reading this I was just waiting for reading class. When the teracher looked away I picked up my book and started to read it. The book was mostly adventure. Some parts were just like whoa did not see that coming. Especially the end. But I can not tell you about the end. If you read this book you will be so tempted to see what happens in the end guranteeded. That is what I thought of the book The Genius Files from Texas with Love!

Title: Num8ers
Author: Rachel Ward

When I first picked up this book I wasn't expecting a while lot out of it, just another summer read to bide my time. However, my opinion quickly changed within the first few chapters as the book quickly captured my attention. A novel unlike any other, Num8ers is the story of a girl who can see a person's death day when she looks in their eyes. When she sees the same death day for many of the people at the London Eye, she quickly runs from the scene, knowing something terrible is going to happen. Now she is on the run from the law with her friend Spider who was with her at the London Eye.

I really enjoyed this book because it has so many different elements to it and they all came together in an extraordinary way. The way the author writes I'd completely different from anything I have ever read before and I was super attached to the characters she created. The plot was captivating and intriguing with twists that nearly blew my mind. I would recommend this book to anyone, granted they're over 11 or 12 years old, only because there are a few mature topics and some cussing. 

Everyone should put this on their summer reading list as a book that is action packed, a crazy adventure, and a read that will knock your socks off.

Title: Betrayed
Author: P.C., Kristin Cast

After reading the second book of the House of Night series, I was a little dissapointed. It had so much foreshadowing that the book became somewhat predictable. Also, I noticed that there were multiple spelling errors. The book overall was average and okay to read, but did not leave the reader wanting more. However, it did deliver in creativity and people who are into vampire books may enjoy this book. It just didn't do it for me and I would not recommend reading it. I enjoyed the vampire series Vampire Academy a lot more and was hooked right away.

Author: Jennifer Nielsen

I was swept away by the current this book provided.  The characters have a dynamic feel that keeps you involved from the beginning to the end of the book.  We are swept into a story where orphan boys are being collected and groomed to replace a long lost prince.  Who will be the replacement prince and what will happen to those that are not selected as the new prince all becomes evident as the story proceeds.  The author successfully leaves you satisfied with the book, and craving the release of the next book in the trilogy.

Author: Caroline B. Cooney

“Nobody uses books anymore, they’re useless.” This is exactly what Mitty Blake thought before one changed his life forever. In Caroline B. Cooney’s thrilling novel, Code Orange, Mitty discovers some things most people will never know... how they would take on a situation where it’s your life or another person’s.

Mitty has to write a report on diseases, and to do so he looks through some old medical books. In one he finds some Variola Major (small pox) scabs from a 1902 Boston epidemic. He handles them, rubs them in his nose, and then breathes them in. Now Mitty’s research for his report becomes research for his life and all of New York.

This was an excellent page turning book. Caroline B. Cooney did a really good job keeping the story moving. There were definitely no parts when I wanted to put it down or had to force myself to keep reading. Code Orange also made me think about how I would act in some situations.

I would rate the book four stars because there were some words I didn’t know and a couple parts I had to reread.

Author: Michael Grant

[Note: Dual authors Katherine Applegate & Michael Grant]

Think back to all of your old relationships or current one. I didn't say this to scare you but for you to envision the flaws of the other person. There are always flaws or quirks that can twist and bunch your skirts! Just think of this... What if you were given the chance to create a perfect partner? I am curious about the outcome if nothing else. Daughter of a major bio-pharmaceutical mongol, Evening, is handed a program to do just that. Design a flawless mate. I want to give props to our little Eve for stopping to think about if she should create a male or female. I do love me some taboo even if it is for a split minute.

Right from the beginning of Eve & Adam the hustle and bustle made it to be a very fast and inviting read straight away. It was just so riveting that my tea got cold due to me being stuck within the plot. The seriousness was covered up lightly with fun, which was very much appreciated.

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Author: Rick Riordan

I really love Rick Riordan's books! They are adventure-filled and really funny! This is one of my favorite books by him yet!

Title: Leviathan
Author: Scott. Westerfeld

Leviathan is about a prince that parents died and he has to get away. The other part is about a girl that pretends to be a guy to join the army. They are enemies the prince is from Austria and the girl is a darwinist. They meet up after the darwinist crash and the prince gives them supplies. When the Leviathan is ready they went up and got away from the enemies but the prince got them with his two other men. I really liked this book. I recommend this book to people who like fantasy and adventure.


Title: Wolven
Author: Di Toft

Wolven is about a boy who wants a dog and goes to a farm and gets one. The dog that he gets is a very special dog. This dog has certain powers. This dog is Wolven. A Wolven is like a werewolf. There is this very bad person looking for this Wolven. So the boy and the wolven go of on an adventure to save the Wolven's life.
I like this book because it's adventurous, it's mind boggling and it always leaves you in suspence. There's no reason to not like this book.

Author: Lauren Tarshis

It's about this kid named george who is sent with his sister to london , england . His sister ' s name is phoebe . So, they stayed in london with there aunt for 2 months . So, then they were going to come home on the titanic. Also , george is one of them kids who love to explore. So, he explored the whole entire ship the first few nights. Also he went down in the third class dining room and he met this kid named Enzo and his father Marco. Then , when he came up at the cabin , he saw that his aunt was pacing because she thought maybe he fell off the ship. Also he hered about there was a mummy down in the luggage room . Then , when he got there , he saw this man who was trying to look for things he could steel . Then all of a sudden when he opened the crate , the ship began to rumble , and that's when they hit the iceberg. Then, when he came running up in the cabin and then he saw that phoebe was missing . So, he and his aunt went to find Phoebe and they fond her and marco and enzo were down there in the third class luggage room . Then , george found a way to get to the deck . so, all 5 of them went and climbed up . Then aunt daisy took Phoebe and Enzo into a lifeboat and george and marco stayed back on the ship . Later , george and marco jumped off the ship. Then, later Marco and George found a lifeboat and then like 5 hours later they saw the carpathia and boarded the ship . Then, they all met on the ship and went back to there homes .