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Author: Elizabeth Eulberg

Cute! I think it is good for the age range to have a tale about girl empowerment and how friendships are a very important thing to cultivate. The high school stress on dating (is this true?) is demystified. The context of Penny Lane's parents' love of the Beatles was fun.

Author: Elizabeth Partridge

John Lennon is most famous for being one of the Beatles. He and Paul McCartney have written so many songs that will outlast most of our lifetimes. But the Beatles were only together for a small fraction of John Lennon's life. And yet, he never really got away from being identified as a Beatle. Partridge's book does a good job of portraying Lennon's life before, during and after the Beatles. The photos in the book are so interesting and many I had not seen before. You learn about his life with his first wife and his complex relationship with his second wife, Yoko Ono. Lennon was complicated and many times lived a life of contradiction. You find out he wasn't always very nice, as a matter of fact he behaved very badly on and off throughout his life.

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