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family problems

Life on the streets

Author: Barbara Haworth-Attard

Unfortunately author Barbara Haworth-Attard had to cancel her 2011 Fox Cities Book Festival appearances due to illness, but her book Theories of Relativity is still well worth the read. Sixteen-year-old Dylan has been kicked out by his mother. Life on the streets is brutal, but Dylan is determined not to make the same poor choices he sees the other street kids make. Every day Dylan’s options seem to shrink, but he observes closely and formulates his own theories about how to survive. Sometimes, Dylan doubts whether he can really make it on his own in a world of drugs, violence, and exploitation, but does he really have to?

Author: Sharon G. Flake

Begging for Change is the sequel to Money Hungry and again we find Raspberry Hill telling us the continuing story of her life. She tells us about her momma getting hurt, taking money from one of her girls, falling in love with Sato and about her dad. Her dad shows up when momma gets hurt and takes advantage of Raspberry's good heart. She is hurt when he steals from her, even though she has done the same thing. She wonders if maybe she is just like him. Throughout the story she has people who support her, love her and try to show her that she can do better, that even though she looks just like her dad she doesn't have to turn out like him.

If I Stay

Title: If I Stay
Author: Gayle Forman

Two other reviews were done on this book however none of them really went into detail. If your totally a romantic, think punk rock is cool to read about, are intrested in musical differant relationship and hard choices maybe this book is for you. I found it a horribaly boring book - I didn't bother even reading it all. I was disgusted with it, read the last page and thought "What's the point?" I would not recommend it at all!!! I see there are a lot of hold's on it. I think it's pointless. I would not get it and waste my time.

Good Book

Author: Jillian Cantor

Melissa is entering high school. She's still alone and sad of her father's death even though he died several years ago. Soon her mom begins to date, her bratty sister is brattier than ever, and her best friend Ryan might like the new girl at school. Everything is changing. This book is really good and funny.

Author: Victoria Holmes

Maddie doesn't want to ride and her brother wasn't horse crazy when he went to war yet he comes home with a mare Maddie names Firebird. Maddie begins to except the change in her brother until another man introduces himself as her brother. They both look alike - one however has a scar on his face. Which one is her brother?!! And what will happen to Firebird if the first one really isn't her brother! This book is really good it ends in a way I didn't expect it to and once you read it you'll understand the tags. Because I really can't tell Maddie's side without ruining it for you.

Author: Melody Carlson

The book "Diary Of A Teenage Girl" is a book that I think all girls can relate too. The girl in the story, Caitlin, has problems with friends, boys, and her relationship with God. Not to mention that her Dad has moved out, and may be cheating on her Mom due to a note addressed to Belinda, which is not her mother's name. She faces a lot of problems throughout the year. It's interesting to find out how she handles things.

Note: The author, Melody Carlson, has a number of Diary of a Teenage Girl series.

Author: Leslie Connor

 Addie is the protagonist in this Young Adult book. Her father is dead and she is being raised by her mother. Her mother had a relationship with Dwight and had two girls with him (they are Addie’s stepsisters). Dwight has full custody of the girls. As the story unfolds we discover the neglectful habits of Addie’s mother--the things that Addie does to cope--and the support networks that are in place for her. It is tough to know that some mothers just can’t handle parenting. We cheer for Addie as she shows creativity and smarts to deal with her situation. She is definitely more mature than her mom. And we are happy that she does find "normal" by the end of the book. A good book to understand what some of us are up against.


Title: Undercover
Author: Beth Kephart

The title is misleading--this is not a book about detective work. Rather, the teenage protagonist is writing poetry "undercover" for boys to woo girls @ her school. The poetry is quite good! And as she sorts her own love life out, as well as watching the demise of her parents’ marriage, this story is gripping. It has a fabulous ending in which she really gets to triumph and shine. Terrific book.

Boot Camp

Title: Boot Camp
Author: Todd Strasser

After ignoring several warnings to stop dating his teacher(she is 8 years older), Garrett is sent to Lake Harmony, a boot camp that uses brutal and unusual methods to train students to obey their parents. He won't be allowed to leave until he admits his mistakes and repents completely whether he's guilty or not. Garrett is abused almost to breaking point when he hears of an escape plot. This is a very suspenseful book to read and explore the idea of being taken right in front of your own house by strangers that have your parents permission! What would you do? 

Author: Tony DiTerizzi

There are five different books in the spiderwick chronicles but i am here to talk about the first book,the field guide. this book was very interesting throughout the whole book. It kept you glued to it. There were problems and conflicts which keeps you very interested. So, if you like exciting and daring books, you will like this one. I did!!