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Author: Kate Hattemer

Selwyn Academy is a school for the arts; for the prima ballerinas, the future stars of Broadway, the artists who's work is identical to real life. However, the elite school is being destroyed by a reality TV show, For Art's Sake, a sleazy production that manipulates the students and teachers at Selwyn. Or at least, that's what Luke, Ethan's best friend says. Ethan doesn't mind the show that much; it allows him to gawk at Mia, a contestant on the show, whom he has a huge crush on, without being a stalker. But Luke is determined to bring down For Art's Sake and restore Selwyn's honor. Following in the steps of Ezra Pound, Luke, Ethan, and two of their others friends, write a long poem, capturing the attention of their fellow students. However, the people who are behind For Art's Sake are craftier than they realized, and soon the four are surrounded by a web of lies and betrayal that runs deeper than they could have ever imagined. Hattemer's quirky novel, filled with humor, wit, and interesting characters, and a deeper lesson that will resonate will everyone who picks up this marvelous book.

Author: Arikawa Hiro

My friend had been bothering me to read this manga for the longest time. I didn't really want to read it because the way she described it to me made it sound boreing, not my kind of book. But one day when I was board I grabbed it off the shelf and didn't put it down till I was finished. I sat in the library and read it right there, didn't even get to check it out. I continued on to read the second and third book in that sitting, but had to check out the rest for lack of time. Honestly one of my top five manga's I've read in my life! So much action, tons of laughs, and drama to tie it all together. The perfect amount of romance puts the bow on this manga series. I would recomend this to anyone and everyone, with a well thought out background and wonderful character development, there is a twist right around every turn. I am in love with this manga, cannot wait for the next chapter~!

Title: The Help
Author: Kathryn Stockett

Recently, I read The Help, and I couldn't get over how much I love this book. I feel like even the movie was pretty well adapted. It's about three different women, going through three different lives, and how all their lives are intertwined. It's Jackson, Mississippi in the 60's, and in case you didn't know that was still a very tender time in the South. Miss Skeeter is a white woman figuring out how bad it really is for the two of several maids she is interviewing, Minny and Aibileen. There's a lot of happy moments, but there's quite a few sad ones too. 5/5 stars for this book, always.

Bad Pets

Title: Bad Pets
Author: Allan Zullo

In this book "Bad Pets" it tells laugh out loud funny stories about animals and pets that do outrageous things. In one of the stories these people own a cat. The cat is a dirty cat. What I mean by dirty is "thief." The cat goes to their neighbors house and steals their belongings. The people find out by seeing all the things in the cats room. In another story a seagull goes into this supermarket and steals bags of chips. The seagull did it everyday, but it stopped soon. There's this other story about a horse that walks into a swimming pool during the night.

This book is so great because it is really funny!

Author: Andy Riley

The Book of Bunny Suicides Vol. 1 was a very compelling story of very depressed bunnies who commit suicides in very creative ways. Some of their suicidal actions were jumping into jet engines, jumping on a light house, or two rabbits juggling knives during a total eclipse of the sun. While reading this novel I had many thoughts running through my head. Such as why are these bunnies so sad? Why are their suicides so creative? I would recommend this book to anybody who enjoys a good laugh. I would not recommend this to any bunny owners or bunny lovers.

Author: Tim Collins

This book is funny, exciting, and it makes you want to read on. I know I did! I would recommend this book to anyone.
The main character goes to school, where he won't just find homework, he'll find his true love. He tries many ways to enhance her to fall in love with him, but it doesn't work well at first. He has to try things that may or may not work until finally something happens in the book. If you like Big Nate, or Diary of a Wimpy Kid, you'll love this book.

Author: Abby McDonald

Sadie's been in love with her best friend for two years. She's sure he feels the same way for her. That is, until he calls from poetry camp and claims he's "found the one". Poor Sadie. She doesn't get to see her best friend for five more weeks, and worse yet, he's probably off proposing to this mystery girl right now. So Sadie does what every girl does when suffering heartbreak: Spend summer vacation at a crazed cafe and do everything she can to get over Mr. Garrett Delaney. She will do whatever it takes to remove him from her head. It's not as easy as she thought, though.

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Title: Mudshark
Author: Gary Paulsen

Mudshark is about a boy by the name of Lyle Williams. He is also known as Mudshark. The story takes place at school. Mudshark is the boy at school who pays attention to everything around him. When things go missing, he is the person everyone asks for help in finding it. He usually knows just where everything is and likes the fact that everyone comes to him. It makes him feel good. Then he thinks that he has met his match with a talking parrot in the library. Mudshark is up against the parrot in finding things and wants to be on top. The school seems to be missing several things. The principal asks Mudshark to help in finding where the missing things are. Can Mudshark help to find out who keeps taking things? Will the parrot tell? Will anyone get into trouble? Will Mudshark out smart the parrot and remain on top?

I recommend that you read this book . It made me wanting to find out what happens in the end. All of Gary Paulsen’s books are really good. He writes about silly things that really can happen to kids. He also writes books about the outdoors. His books will keep you wanting to read more and some will even make you laugh.

I give this book at 3 star rating out of 5 stars.

Author: Cressida Cowell

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third (main character) is the son of the chief (Stoick the Vast) is the second weakest the weakest out of everybody is his friend Fishlegs. There are also the two people who are the best at everything and those people are Dogsbreath and Snotface. These people and more have to capture a dragon and teach to behave until the big event where everybody with a dragon has to show how good there dragon is.The biggest thing happens at the event and that is... READ THIS GREAT BOOK TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.

Title: Smile
Author: Raina Telgemeier

After Girl Scouts, Raina, trips and falls and lands with her head faced down. Raina lost her two front teeth! Her parents rush her to the dentist. She ends up with a long journey of braces , surgery, and even embarrasing headgear! That is not all Raina has to deal with, she has to deal with her family, friends, boys, and middle school! This is a true story written by Raina Telgemeier. I like this comic book SO much because it shows me what it was really like for Raina. You gotta read this book!