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Author: Andreas Portes

Anika is a young girl trying to make sense of the world. Her father lives in Romania and she lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with her mother, stepdad and assorted siblings. Anika is the youngest.

Anika is trying to figure out the interrelationships at work and when to be courageous. She is trying to figure out interrelationships at school and when to be courageous. She is trying to figure out interrelationships at home and when to be courageous.

Two boys are vying for Anika's attention. One is named Logan who is a deeply poetic and artistic person. Unfortunately, his home life is violent. Logan is not considered a "cool" kid so Anika is very secretive about her relationship with him. Jared is a very cool kid and when he singles Anika out, it is astonishing to everyone. He respects Anika's independence but what is his real motive with her? Anika is trying to choose but her choice is made for her in an unexpected and sad way. The book is great in the way the plot takes off.

Becky is everyone's cruel nemesis and a strong bully at school. She is also deemed one of the "cool kids" so everyone feels uncomfortable crossing her. In the fabulous climax of the book, Anika finally tells Becky what everyone has been thinking. Much like when the witch in The Wizard of Oz has cold water thrown on her, Becky finally fades to nothing when the truth is told.

Written in first person, you see all through Anika's eyes. I really liked her relationship with her mom. She also has a lovely scene toward the end of the book with her stepdad.

Easy Read

Author: Sarah Dessen

The book Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen is about a girl who lost her father and is now trying to find herself and who she really is. She starts out to be meticulous and careful in life but by the end lives life with more of a free spirit. The book was well written. The story was smooth and easy to follow along; the organization was on point. However, for someone looking for a plot twist or something surprising to happen, this is not the book for you. Although I thought that it was a nice, relaxing read, I found myself guessing at what was going to happen next and to my dissapointment, was right. In other words, it was predictable. Overall, it was well written but a bit predictable.

Author: Jack Canfield

I've always loved these kind of books. I'm a sucker for realistic fiction and non-fiction books. Being able to read about other teen's lives strikes me as inspiring and really cool. :)

Title: Spells
Author: Aprilynne Pike

This is an amazing book! It was a quick read and very thrilling!
The story is based upon a 15 year old Lauren and her life as a little girl growing up with hippie parents (no medicine, no artifical, all healthy) and when she turns 15 her life has suddenly begin to change...
She finds out her parents are not her true parents, she has a plant-cell based body (no blood just cloroplast) and she finds out she is a fairy and finds her true home! This book is a true mystical fiction with trolls,fairies,romance,and fighting for the right cause.

Author: Ashley Juergens

This book is just like the amazing TV series. Ashleys life becomes complicated when she finds out her 15 year old sister, Amy, is pregnant. How? Band Camp. Who? Ricky, the drummer. And when her parents find out, nobody knows what to do. Her parents thought Amy was a good girl. Now Amy is having a hard time figureing out if she will keep the baby. Now it is even harder that Amy has a new boyfriend, Ben. How is she gonna tell him that she is pregnant with someone elses baby? At 15! And to make it all worse, her parents are splitting up! Follow Ashley's feelings along the way of her sisters pregnancy, her parents divorce, and her feelings toward it all in this amazing book! Oh, and don't forget to watch The Secret Life Of The American Teenager on ABC on Mondays 8/7 central!


Author: Melody Carlson

Caitlyn and her friends are finally going to Mexico for the mission trip!! Yay!! Then when they see the faimilies in the dump, she feels so bad! So when she gets back, she starts an organization. So now school started up again, and Jenny wants to be friends again!! So they are hanging out and then Beanie tells Caitlyn that she thinks Jenny is anorexic. Caitlyn is really shocked. Why would she think that? But then Caitlyn notices jenny only drinks diet soda. Now she is worried. So when Caitlyn tries to help, Jenny gets mad. Anonamusly, CAitlyn sends a letter to Jenny's mom. Big mistake! Now Jenny has to go to New Haven, kind of like a mental institution. Jenny now has to use feeding tubes down her throat! Then Jenny, Beanie, and Caitlyn become best friends. To find out if she gets better, read the book! And the series!!

Author: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a huge pop sensation. You've heard of her right? Now shes telling everyone about the ups and downs of a starstuded life starting with the sixth grade and ending with her sixteenth birthday. She tells us who she is and who she wants to be. You may think shes to caught up in stardom, but shes knows her bounderies. Shes just like any normal teen, only with everything.

Author: Lee Roddy

I was never big on historical fiction; it all seemed so boring. "Cry of Courage" by Lee Roddy certainly changed my mind about that! The book takes place in Virginia at the beginning of the Civil War. "Cry of Courage" is the story of three preteens: Gideon, a twelve year old, dirt poor farm boy from Virginia, Emily, a Yankee girl living in the South, and Nat, a rebellious slave boy. All three have their dreams and ambitions, but they are so far away from reality. The story mostly follows Gideon, as it is he is telling it, but as a third person. It is particularly good because it accurately describes the young teen's mind, staying true to the time period. "Cry of Courage" is a very entertaining book; it is well written and well portrayed. Apparently, it is the first of a series. I cannot wait to read the next books!


Title: Seaward
Author: Susan Cooper

It is obvious that a book is one of the "greats" when it is easily read over and over. Seaward is a quick read, but one that is immensely thought provoking and crammed to bursting with truth. It is a story about love, life, and death. Westerly is a muscular boy from a warm place where soldiers rule life. They killed his mother. In a moment of peril, he is transported to the world in which the story takes place. Cally is a "lily-white northerner" (In West's words) whose parents both went to stay by the sea, because of a fatal sickness. She traveled to the same world West arrived in when she was overcome by fear and panic.

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Author: Wendy Mass

This was a very good book! It is told by three different people, Ally, Bree, and Jack. They all meet each other at the campground Ally's family owns, to see the solar eclipse. Each of them have their own problems, but soon forget about them as they spend more time together. This book talks friendship, loyality, and life. I recommend this book very strongly!