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Title: Lies
Author: Michael Grant

Lies is the third instalment to Michael Grant's Gone series. I was happy to find that the Fayz was the same old same old, but that was untill I got a few chapters in. As it turned out, everything completly changed, even some of the character's personalities. I loved the explination that Michael Grant gave for their changing personalities and emotions and values, mostly because it made so much sence. Again this book was completly stuffed with twists and turns and a plot thick enough for a dictionary, but somehow it seemed slow. Even with all the twists (and well LIES) the book seemed to snail along. I found myself at the edge of my chair nearly every chapter, but the in between scenes were slow, to be blunt. I still found it an amazing read, and would recomend anyone who likes teen powers, mystery, and sifi to read this book series. I can't wait to read the next book in the Gone series, Plague.

Author: Arikawa Hiro

My friend had been bothering me to read this manga for the longest time. I didn't really want to read it because the way she described it to me made it sound boreing, not my kind of book. But one day when I was board I grabbed it off the shelf and didn't put it down till I was finished. I sat in the library and read it right there, didn't even get to check it out. I continued on to read the second and third book in that sitting, but had to check out the rest for lack of time. Honestly one of my top five manga's I've read in my life! So much action, tons of laughs, and drama to tie it all together. The perfect amount of romance puts the bow on this manga series. I would recomend this to anyone and everyone, with a well thought out background and wonderful character development, there is a twist right around every turn. I am in love with this manga, cannot wait for the next chapter~!

Title: Shine
Author: Lauren Myracle

This book is follows the classic "who-done-it" storyline. There is a crime (Patrick Truman is found beaten, bound, and left for dead and now sits in a comatose state), there is a detective (Sixteen year old Cat is determined to discover the truth of what happened to her former best friend), there are a few suspects (an old friend, some out-of-town college kids, an old drunk guy, a meth user, and an illusive no-name boyfriend), and there is a twist, which is why this book is worth a few hours of your time. I couldn't put this book down for two days. I highly recomend this to anyone who is looking for a good roller-coaster ride. 

Title: The Elite
Author: Kiera Cass

  First, I'd like to say that this book series has become one of my favorites. I saw the first book in my local library and I decided to give it a shot and I loved it, so naturally I had to pick this one up as well. I feel like it wasn't as good as the first book; the love triangle got on my nerves a bit in this book, but it was good and it ended very well. I'm just sad that now I have to wait for The One, the final book in the series.. I'm something like number 49 on the hold list, here's hoping that people read it quickly!   

  Anyway, the series is about a girl that get's accepted into a sort of competition, called The Selection, to become the new princess of Illea, similar to the show The Bachelor. In this book the 35 girls that started in The Selection have been dwindled down 6 girls, which is called The Elite. America, the girl we come to know and love, is stuck between Maxon, the prince, and her old boyfriend from back home, Aspen. While trying to figure out who she wants to be with, she is also trying to figure out what the rebels want and why they're trying to overthrow the monarchy.. All in all, this dystopian novel is very good for anyone who likes romance as well as action and mystery. This book is good for anyone who enjoys chick-lit or young adult genres. I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Title: Asylum
Author: Madeleine Roux

16-year-old Dan Crawford spends his summer at New Hampshire College Prep. The dormitory he is assigned to is none other than the infamous—converted and newly renovated--Brookline Sanitarium. Soon after his arrival at the college, Dan makes friends with Abby and Jordan, who soon find themselves exploring the abandoned, eerie hidden recesses of the Brookline. Soon after their first midnight escapade, the trio begins experiencing the supernatural. Dan receives mysterious notes and visions, Abby’s mood takes a turn for the disgruntled, and Jordan begins losing sleep over frightening nightmares. The events that unfold beg the question, did these teens choose Brookline, or did Brookline choose them?

Asylum is a great book for those that read and enjoyed Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. Roux employs some really creepy found-photographs to help the reader feel a part of the story. It is a bit of a scary read, but not too scary so fans of the thriller genre may like this one as well as the horror fans and adrenaline junkies.

My Reaction: I liked this book. Ever since Rigg’s book (referenced above), I have taken an interest in books that use “found photography.” I think it is a really neat way to get a better picture of what the characters are experiencing. I also enjoyed that this book was creepy without ever crossing the line which makes it appropriate for a range of audiences. On the negative side, I thought the characters were a little bit flat and could have been better developed and there were some loose ends (i.e. strange “coincidences”) that never get fully explained. Maybe you can chalk this up to it being the first in a series, but I doubt it. The overall plot was well-done and the setting was fabulous. I might re-read this one just in case I missed something. Grades 7 and up.

Themes: Ghosts, Haunted, Insane Asylum, Sanitarium, Summer School, Prep School, Mystery, History, Friends 

Author: Harlan Coben

Seconds Away is another great YA novel from Harlan Coben.  This book takes off where "Shelter" left off.  Mickey has another tough case to work on. This time it is the injuring of his friend Rachel by a bullet that grazed her head.  Rachel's mother was killed in the incident.  There are more questions surrounding the death of Mickey's father, too.  Mickey is helped with the investigation by his friends Ema and Spoon.  There are plenty of questions that have yet to be answered. 

I thought this book was very good, although I liked "Shelter" a little more.  This one seemed to be a little forced, but I am still looking forward to the next installment in this series.

Author: Trenton Lee Stewart

I found this book in the middle school section, but the difficulty of the writing and vocabulary would make it more appropriate for an upper middle schooler or teen. I generally avoid teen books because they all seem to be about mean girls, eating disorders or vampires. Any suggestions to the contrary would be very welcome! Nicholas Benedict is maybe a little to smart for his own good. Of course having a photographic memory helps. The problem for this young orphan is his narcolepsy, which causes him to fall asleep in the oddest places and at the worst possible times, like when he's sneaking around the orphanage director's office looking for clues to a hidden treasure! In this story, Nicholas not only solves the mystery of a hidden treasure, but learns what it means to be a true friend. From what I understand this is actually a prequel to a trilogy of stories about Ncholas Benedict (as an adult, maybe?) I'm looking forward to reading more about his life.

Author: Adele Griffin

Picture the Dead is about a girl named Jennie Louell. Jennie experiences strange events. Jennie wanted to know if her love was dead or alive. So Jennie went and acted like a spy. She ends up getting engaged to Will's brother Quinn. But in the end Quinn and Jennie don't marry because Quinn ended up pushing Jennie in the water and he knew she didn't know how to swim. But she ended up surviving and made it back home. Then when she did she said she wanted to leave the house. So she has a place of her own now. Quinn was just using her to get more wealthy. It was a really good book.

Author: Linda Gerber

This is a fabulous read! It was amazing and very fast! Once you pick it up you can't put it DOWN!
This book is a thrilling mystery! In this book the plot just keeps getting thicker and thicker till the bok is over! A must read!
Aphra Behn Connolly (the main character) has the type of life most teenage girls envy. She lives on a remote tropical island and spends most of her time eavesdropping on the rich and famous. The problem is that her family's resort allows few opportunities for her to make friends, much less to meet cute boys. So when a smoldering Seth Mulo (the cute boy next door)arrives with his parents, she's immediately drawn to him. Sure, he's a little bit guarded, and sure his parents are rather cold, and okay he won't say a word about his past, but their chemistry is undeniable. Then a famous rock star's girlfriend turns up dead on the beach, strangled by her own bikini top, and alarm bells sound. Is it too great a coincidence that Seth's family turned up just one day before a murder? As the plot thickens, Aphra finds that danger lurks behind even the most unexpected of faces. . . .


Author: Tsugumi Ōba

This book is a fantastic book for someone who loves suspense, crime novels, and mangas. I thought this book was a great book because it had two of my favorite characters in the book. Anyone who wants to read this should, because it has an interesting saga following it. I really loved this book.