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Author: Varian Johnson

Recommended by the CCBC, I found this book fast paced, clever, and suspenseful. Jackson Greene comes from a line of heisters (is that a word?!) and he decides to pull a heist for the benefit of his friend Gaby who he really likes. Gaby is running for class president in the middle school but her competition, bad guy Keith, seems to have it already all wrapped with the help of unsavory Dr. Kelsey who is the principal. Jackson gathers a group of talent around him to assure Gaby's win. Just when you think you know what is actually happening things get switched up. As the reader you feel double and maybe even triple crossed yourself! Generally, you might not want to support lies and tricks and subterfuge. But for this Robin Hood like figure? Oh, yeah, you want him to win, win, win with that brilliant mind of his. Another book is set to follow. I look forward to it.

*Also, I must note that "The Greene Code of Conduct", although particularly worded for this heisting family, includes some philosophies that work for general living!

Author: John Green

Colin Singleton is a prodigy, not a genius…a prodigy. This is a fact that has gotten him down and to make matters worse, his girlfriend Katherine just dumped him. The thing about Colin is, he only dates girls named Katherine (“K-A-T-H-E-R-I-N-E”, not to be confused with “C-A-T-H-E-R-I-N-E”)…and the most recent dumper has earned the moniker “K-19” –being the nineteenth Katherine to break Colin’s heart.

After graduation, Colin and his best friend Hassan, go on a road trip to get Colin’s mind off of Katherine XIX and along the way, they stop in Tennessee to visit the alleged resting place of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Enter Lindsey Lee Wells—paramedic-in-training and tour guide to the tomb of the Archduke. Colin, Hassan and Lindsey hit it off right away and the boys soon find themselves employed by Lindsey’s mother, Hollis, to interview the residents of Gutshot, Tennessee for an oral history of the town.

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Author: caroline dale snedeker

This is a story of a young girl, named Chloe, who never new her father. He abandoned her and left her to be a slave in one of his villas, and she grew up with strong hatred for the man who had ruined her life. Her only companion was Melissa, also a slave, and her mother's dearest friend.

Aulus, a handsome young noble, who is banished from his beloved city, Rome, meets Chloe. Soon he finds him self constantly thinking about her. their relationship grows. but then something goes terribly wrong. this tale takes place in the ancient world of Rome, during time of trouble between the senate and the people.

Written by caroline dale snedeker, this historically accurate, Newberry honor was published in 1929.

This book was actually a school assignment. when i started reading, i was captivated. the book started out with Chloe and her present situation. Then it moved on to Aulus and his situation in the goverment. For me this was slightly boring. But then it picked up and went to Chloe, then bothe of them. The boredom in the middle of the book was well worth the wait for the end, i couldn't set the book down. I think that The Forgotten Daughter was a very good book, and i recommend it to you.

Editor's note: InfoSoup does not currently own a copy of this 1934 Newbery Honor Book.

Author: Sarah Dessen

In this story, Auden goes to live with her Dad and his new wife in Colby. She intends to stay there for the summer to spend time with her dad, but instead is sucked up into working in Heidi's (the stepmother) store. Her father doesn't mind, since he is busy writing away at his next novel. Soon Heidi is annoyed at the fact that Auden's dad doesn't help take care of Thisbe, their newborn. Auden stays up late, walking around the beach of Colby, meeting with Eli, a handsome boy with sleep issues, too. Eli shows Auden all the things she missed of childhood, and soon these two are in love. But when her dad and Heidi are fighting, Auden blocks out everyone in her life to solve the problem. This funny, romantic story will be added to the long list of hits by Sarah Dessen.


Author: Candace Bushnell

Carrie Bradshaw is living with her dad, and her two younger sisters, Missy and Dorrit. New boy Sebastian comes along and all the girls like him. But Sebastian is a player, and when Carrie goes out with him, she finds her best friend, Lali with him. Heartbroken and angry, she turns to Maggie and The Mouse to help her out. Carrie joins The Nutmeg, the school newspaper, with big dreams of becoming a writer. Soon she gets accepted to a writing school in New York. This story is funny and is a great read.

Author: Erin McCahan

After a serious break-up with her boyfriend, Chad, Bronwen soon begins to hang out with Jared, her brother Peter's friend. Jared is everything Bronwen wants. Soon they begin dating and both of their families are happy. On her birthday, Jared proposes to Bronwen and she quickly agrees to marry him. But is he what she really needs? And what will happen to her dreams about college? Find out in the great book.

Author: Elizabeth Scott

Hannah is the daughter of Candy Madison, the woman who goes on commercials and walks around the house with only a bit of clothing on, and the famous Jackson, who hooks up with girls even though he's now 72 years old. Hannah does her best to be invisible, and she knows the hot Josh is her soulmate. Finn, however, believes he and Hannah are meant to be, and he's exactly the pure opposite of Josh: funny and smart and wimpy, but in a cute way. When Josh starts flirting with Hannah and tries to be around her, she knows that it time to make her move since he is hitting on her. Then Josh finally asks her out. Hannah is thrilled when he comes over, but soon finds out that he is only using her to get to know her mother. Crushed, Hannah finally realizes that Finn is meant to be her guy, and soon they go out.

Author: Yvonne Prinz

Allie is an old-fashioned music lover who works at her favorite place in the world, Bob and Bob Records. To find if there's anyone out there like her, Allie creates a blog called "The Vinyl Princess". Allie meets Joel, who seems like a nice, charming guy, but when there are robberies being reported, Allie thinks that her guy just might be the criminal. Allie finds that she is right, and the boy she thought she belonged to was really using her to rob Bob and Bob's. Then Allie meets Zach, a cute boy who also loves records and soon they fall in love. This story is a page-turner, I read it in 2 days.

Author: Michelle Knudsen

What a wonderful story! "The Dragon of Trelian" by Michelle Knudsen is one of the best books I've read in a long while. It tells of the friendship of a princess and the mage's apprentice, about her relationship with a dragon, and about young love, magic, and what it means to have good relationships within a family. There is something for everyone: dragons and evil magicians, a handsome young man with a dashing smile and deep eyes, a grumpy old man, a wedding, adventure...there is so much to be thankful for within its pages. The author does such a great job describing what goes on in a young teen's mind. It's really neat. One thing that bugged me, though, was the fact that you could tell where the author was "inspired" by other writers. I saw obvious ties to Eragon, LotR, The Runaway Princess (by Kate Coombs), and others. But that was the only negative thing I can say about the story. "The Dragon of Trelian" is simply the type wonderful fantasy for young teens that is so rare nowadays. I would highly recommend it.

Author: Cameron Dokey a Cinderella retelling, is it possible for the stepmother and stepsisters to be good people and kind people and nice people get the picture. This fact about "Before Midnight" by Cameron Dokey really ticked me off. As a whole, character issues excluded, the book is only mediocre, if that. There was almost zero conflict and the little conflict that did exist was either resolved too easily or not resolved at all. When I finished the book, I felt like I had been cheated. Don't waste your time. You could be reading something great. "Before Midnight" is simply NOT a good Cinderella retelling. If you like the story of Cinderella, try reading different retellings from around the world. The Chinese Cinderella is pretty good. Or try Ella Enchanted, by Gail Carson Levine. Those are my favorites, but there are many more good ones. Just don't read "Before Midnight" totally ruined the Cinderella experience for me. P.S. "Cinderella"'s godmother isn't even a fairy! How much more terrible can you get? I mean, seriously...