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Grief for a sister

Title: Saving Zoe
Author: Alyson Noel

Echo's older sister Zoe is dead. While grieving for her sister, Echo must take on one of life's early hurdles: entering high school. Friendships, already changing due to high school politics, are made even more difficult by the tabloid-like focus on the dead girl's sister. Echo and Zoe were sisters, but have their distinct personalities. Will reading Zoe's diary help Echo understand her sister and her sister's death?

Title: Touch Blue
Author: Cynthia Lord

Tess Brooks is superstitious. But who can blame her? She's a fisherman! Well, fisherwoman. At heart. She goes out on the water with her dad every day, lobster fishing. Tess loves her world. Everything about the island. Except maybe Eben. But when the government threatens to close the school due to a lack of students, what is eleven year old Tess to do? Nothing! But the islanders decide to take in a couple of foster kids to help the population, Tess' world is thrown upside down anyway. "Touch Blue" is a great story of family, of friendship, and of belonging. Check it out and let it touch your heart.

Author: Lauren Myracle

Carly and Anna are sisters and are very close. Once Carly comes back from summer camp, she finds out that Anna is now "hot" and all the girls are jealous of her. In school, boys can't help but eye Anna and tell Carly how hot her sister is. Annoyed and angry, Carly turns to her best friend Peyton for help, but instead Peyton allies with Anna. Then there's the new boy, Cole. And Carly can't help but feel drawn to him. To get him to like her, Carly tries to do all the things that doesn't make her her, like cutting classes. When the girls parents go out of town,

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Author: Michelle Knudsen

What a wonderful story! "The Dragon of Trelian" by Michelle Knudsen is one of the best books I've read in a long while. It tells of the friendship of a princess and the mage's apprentice, about her relationship with a dragon, and about young love, magic, and what it means to have good relationships within a family. There is something for everyone: dragons and evil magicians, a handsome young man with a dashing smile and deep eyes, a grumpy old man, a wedding, adventure...there is so much to be thankful for within its pages. The author does such a great job describing what goes on in a young teen's mind. It's really neat. One thing that bugged me, though, was the fact that you could tell where the author was "inspired" by other writers. I saw obvious ties to Eragon, LotR, The Runaway Princess (by Kate Coombs), and others. But that was the only negative thing I can say about the story. "The Dragon of Trelian" is simply the type wonderful fantasy for young teens that is so rare nowadays. I would highly recommend it.

Author: Katie Alender

This book is the most suspensful book ever! It is about when Lexi and her younger sister Kasey have strange feelings about the house they just moved into. Lexi is especially freaked out when her sister is acting very strange. She is doing alot of research and seems like she has split personalities. Then Lexi finds out very chilling information about pervious owners in the house and starts to wonder if the house is taking on a life of its own...

Author: Sarah Williams

This book really captured an almost magical summer, one that could appeal to many different audiences. The book takes place in the year 1985, in Salt Lake City. Thirteen year old Sadie had just moved from Texas and her stepmom is having a baby. Sadie loves her stepmom and fears for her life, as her own mother died while giving birth to Zuzu, Sadie's younger sister. Throughout the book she battles her fears, while sharing her experiences with a mysterious girl in a journal Sadie, Zuzu, and Bella, Sadie's new best friend. They find the journal in "Palace Beautiful", a hideaway in the attic. The journal gives details about the flu epidemic of 1918.

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Author: Lurlene McDaniel

I recommend this book/series to any girl from the ages of 13-15; and whom also loves a Good Dramatic Love Story! This is the second book of Lurlene's Angels in Pink Trilogy. The Trilogy Order of Stories go as the following: 1. Kathleeen's Story 2.~"Raina's Story"~ 3. Holly's Story Raina is looking forward to spending as much of her summer with her current BF_(Boyfriend- Hunter), this summer. Meanwhile, her Bffs-(Best Friends Forever), Holly and Kathleen; are spending most of their free time at the Parker-Sloan General Hospital, where are they are involved in volunteering in the Pink Angel's program.

Author: Tony DiTerizzi

There are five different books in the spiderwick chronicles but i am here to talk about the first book,the field guide. this book was very interesting throughout the whole book. It kept you glued to it. There were problems and conflicts which keeps you very interested. So, if you like exciting and daring books, you will like this one. I did!!

Author: Barbara O'Connor

How to steal a dog is a great book. It's about a poor family that lives in a car. The two kids steal a dog to earn the reward money. When the owner of the dog has no money, everything takes a wrong turn. I would recommend this book for everyone that loves a great book.


Title: Larklight
Author: Philip Reeve

When the Mumby family household, Larklight, is taken over and Mr. Mumby is in the clutches of Mr. Webster the super intelligent spider, Art Mumby and his sister Myrtle know something is fishy! Making a quick escape Art and Myrtle find themselves on the surface of the moon along with Jack Havock and his orphaned crew. And soon they were all caught up in a terrifying storm of adventure and mystery. Could Art's Mom who disappeared years ago, pronounce dead, possibly know anything about the spiders? Was she who everyone thought she was before she died? And Old Thunderhead talked about a key, the key - but what key? One of my favorite books this summer, I give it 4 and 1/2 stars!