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Author: Jasmine Warga

My Heart and Other Big Black Holes is a book about suicide.  Wait, I know, I usually steer clear of suicide stories.  They are usually too heavy and sad for me but…..

 Ayse is sad, very sad and she finds a website called “Suicide Partners”.  Thus begins a story of struggle with a hopeful ending.   I thought this story was very enlightening and it makes you appreciate the people in your life that matter.

Author: sue Mayfield

Drowning Anna was full of intensity. yet it made me wanna cry. This book goes straight to the heart and shows you why bullying is a terrible thing to do to people. in this story bullying drives anna to suicide i highly recommend drowning anna.


Title: Posh
Author: Lucy Jackson

Set in the private school world of Manhattan's Upper East Side, POSH tracks the lives of a group of teenagers and the adults who hope to control them: from the school's headmistress to the social x-ray mom to the mom who drives a cab, this is commercial fiction that shows a cutaway of a rarefied world.

This book took me so long to get into, I think even at the end I wasn't really interested. It had some good parts but it's not really my favorite book. I was angry a lot at the way these people acted. I gave this book 2 out of 5 stars. The cover and info section of the book grabbed my attention, but the inside of the book was lacking.


Title: Hush
Author: Eishes Chayil

First things first, Eishes Chayil is actually a pseudonym, meaning woman of valor. She later revealed her name as Judy Brown. This book is about the Jewish community in New York and how they can overlook abuse of all sorts, and most people- children at least- never even learn what the word abuse means until it happens to them and even then they try to keep it quiet. This book was written based off of her experience, so it's realistic fiction. I give this book 5/5 stars mostly because it has all the things I like in a book: funny bits, information, it's well written, and it's different from anything I've read.

Author: Jay Asher

When Clay Jenkins finds a wrapped up shoebox addressed to him, with no return address he wonders what it is. When he opens the box, there is 8 tapes inside. When he listens, it is her, Hannah. His crush. But she commited suicide days ago.But what Clay doesn't know yet- these are the 13 reasons why she commited suicide. And he is one of them. If he wants to know why, he has to listen to all of them. What did Clay do to make her commit suicide...

Author: Chris Crutcher

Eric Calhoune, fat boy and Sarah Byrnes, scarface are best friends. The two help and protect each other from their classmates. When Eric joins the swim team, he and Sarah start to grow away from each other. Sarah has a secret not shared even with Eric. Eric has to discover that secret and help Sarah find the motivation and the method to finally be safe. I found this book sad, funny, realistic and very suspenseful. It discusses the sensitive issues of parental abuse, teen pregnancy and religious beliefs. It is thought provoking. This book is a truly great read, tastefully done.

Author: Alma Fullerton

This painfully heartbreaking book is about how a boy deals with the attempted suicide of his mother and her inability to recover.  The book can be read in one sitting because it contains short poems.  The raw emotions are expressed in a haunting fashion.


Title: Whirligig
Author: Paul Fleischman

Join Beth Lokken from the Door County Library in Sturgeon Bay as she talks about the book Whirligig by Paul Fleischman. Be sure to look for it at your library this summer! Add your favorite titles or tell us what you think about these books in the comments. Listen now (3:50)

Author: Jay Asher

Clay Jensen receives an unexpected package in the mail and finds that it contains several cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker, a classmate who committed suicide two weeks earlier. As Clay listens to the first tape, Hannah explains that there were thirteen reasons she decided to end her life, and if he was listening to the tapes, he was one of the reasons. Hannah ensured that each of the thirteen people involved will get to listen to the tapes by a carefully controlled threat. If the people involved don’t listen to the tapes and then pass them on to the next person, an outside person will go public with the tapes. Hannah has also provided each listener with a map of important places. Clay spends that night following Hannah’s voice and map as he learns the truth of her pain, and just how he was involved.

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