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Author: Sarah J. Maas

3rd book in the Throne of glass series

The Throne Of Glass Series all together is an amazing series. The content itself is more amazing. In this series, Celeana Sardothien is a reknowned assassin, and is placed in Endovier to work as a slave. One day, the Captain of the Guard shows up and requests for her. She is sent to him, and they cast off to a journey towards the Glass Castle, where the royal family resigns. Confused, she assumes that the royal family wants to punish her more, but rather than being met with the king she expected, she is met with his son, Dorian, who asks her to be his champion.

Yes, a champion. The one to fight under his sponsorship to become the kings right hand killer. To do his dirty work. Dorian does not ask this for pure evil, cause he's actually quite nice and gentle. He just wishes to prove his father wrong, and so does Celeana. And so then begins the epic story of Celeana, her survival and her past. In this post, we will be focusing more on the third book, Heir of Fire.

Heir of Fire:

Celeana has now travelled to Wendlyn and resides there to do a mission she does not go through. She is depressed, constantly drunk, picking fights at a bar, and sleeps on the streets. Her health declines as she only eats bread and drinks wine. Chaol remains back in Ardalan, trying to find a way to bring Celeana back safely without the king doing harm to her. Dorian struggles with his magic, but is relaxed by a new found love. Aedion, a fae follower of the King, secretly dwells with the rebells, and helps them concoct a plan to overthrow the king.

Celeana is then met with an old fae warrior by the name of Rowan Whitethorn. He is a direct follower of Queen Maeve, and has come to see her to the queen. After this, comes a bickering, argumentative situation. Celeana is then faced with a choice: Learn to embrace her old self as Aelin Galathynius, heir of Terresan, and to control her power in order to find out more information about the Wyrdkeys, or to not do either and to abort the mission along with not keeping her blood promise to Nehemia.

Fan Girl Time:

AHHH! As I stated in the title, you cannot miss these books! The series is well written, and is well edited. You always will be on the edge of your seat, and the books are the perfect size to read! They seem to be lengthy, but are in truth a fast read if you do it in one sitting (I know I did). The books are so well written that I have cried in multiple scenes. The character dynamics in the series flow so well, almost as well as Harry Potter! It is like Harry Potter, but with a new twist. Rather than having traditional wand magic, it is the more traditional fae born fantasy. It is not a fantasy with flowers and peace, but depicts a time of great despair for the majortiy of the people in the continent of Erilea!

One the scale of one to five for this book, it is a million. The books not only attracts girls, but guys as well! It has so much action, and yet it has just the right amount of romance where you cannot stop squealing. Celeana finds herself in this book, and you will find yourself wanting to be more like her. With her tactics, and skills, and let's not mention her beauty even with a scarred up body! The scars are her trophies, and she wear's them proudly. Read this book, I suggest it to anyone and EVERYONE because it is a book that no one should miss.

It may possibley even surpass J.K Rowling's Harry Potter series.

A book will be added to this series and will be released on September 1st, of 2015, so keep your eyes out for Queen Of Shadows.

Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Shattered Mirror, what can I say? I practically wrote it in the title. It's so, what's the word, out of the ordinary. This book was published somewhere in 2001, which I know, apparently "way in the past", but really, it's quite amazing. To REALLY start this off, I will start with a summary. This book is about a girl named Sarah Vida, who is a witch, and a vampire hunter, with many secrets including the witch and vampire part. She's the daughter of Dominique Vida, who is one of the most famous vampire hunters, and witch out there, which is a lot to handle, considering Sarah is the YOUNGEST, yes I said youngest, in her clan. Her family hunts vampires to keep "Peace". Then a man named Christopher Ravena comes into her life when she moves to the small town. She knows he's a vampire, but when she's with him, forgets he's a vampire. Christopher though does not know that Sarah is a vampire hunter/witch of the Vida clan, which is pretty obvious since it's in her name.

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Double Identity Book Review

Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Double Identity is a science fiction book about a girl named Bethany. Lately, her parents have been acting weird. Her father is really concerned about her safety and her mom never stops crying. One day her father gets them all in a car and drives them all to an aunt she never even knew existed. They leave her there with not even an emergency phone number. While she is there she encounters a person who thinks Bethany looks familiar, even though she has never seen her before. As more and more unexplained events happen, she is trying to figure it all out and the only hint is about someone named Elizabeth. Since a man keeps following her around she realizes she isn’t the only one trying to figure everything out.
I give this book 4 stars out of five!

Author: Bern Gaudet

When I first started this book, I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. Once I got past the first few chapters and the real action started, I was drawn in quickly. The main character, a teenage girl by the name of Amanda, was off in Texas to be a part of a cousin's reunion, which was set up to get the family closer together, while her parents were on vacation. The first few chapters are pretty much everyone getting to know each other. A few chapters later, a big storm hits and everything takes a weird and scary turn. Accidents start to happen, people suddenly disappear, bodies are found. The story keeps you wondering until the very end. Who's the cause of all the chaos? Marty, the mean-spirited one? Chris, the nice, caring tag-along who fell in love with Amanda? You'll just have to read it to find out!

Author: Will Hobbs

It's just fourteen-year-old Clay and his older brother Mike rolling across the southwest in their old truck. They were supposed to be gone the whole summer, off on an expedition looking for their uncle, whom they had recently heard from. Clay had been looking forward to this trip for a long time, and everything had been going great. Then Mike started acting funny. He had lost interest and wanted to head back to Seattle. He new Clay would be extremely disappointed. But Clay had other ideas. Soon after Mike left, Clay started out with a burro, following leads on his uncle. He followed them into the canyons of Navajo country, where he met a tribe that his uncle lived with. There he learns the secret of his uncle, and goes on to become part of it.

I absolutely loved this book, it was great! It was filled with beautiful scenery, adventure, romance, suspense, and humor. The Big Wander is an ALA Best Book, and I give it five stars.

Author: Paolo Bacigalupi

This novel is the suspenseful story of Nailer, a teenage boy who struggles to stay alive on Bright Sands Beach, near America's Gulf Coast. He works the light crew, part of a dangerous operation in which oil tankers of the old age are broken down for parts. The hard work is a comfort for Nailer, for each night he must return to the ramshackled, hurricane beaten hut he shares with his father, a mean, drunk and unpredictable man. Hope of escape from his rough life comes in the form of a sleek, shining clipper ship, so unlike the rusting oil tankers he broke each day. He and his friend Pima discovered it wrecked after a recent hurricane, full of riches to be plundered. Nailer will have to use all his intellect and cunning for there may be more aboard the destroyed clipper than he had bargained for.

This book is truly unique, I give it 4 stars. It makes a great book to read on the beach - give it a try this summer.

Title: Immortal
Author: Gillian Shields

Evie johnson is sent to Wydlcliffe Abbey School for young ladies, nestled in the moors. Her Grandmother, is on her deathbad,and with her father in the military, her life is pretty bleak. Arriving A Wydlcliife, a sries of strange events occurs, first, a run in with a mysterious handsome stranger haunts her thoughs, and the death of a former student,remains still unsolved.The only escape she has is the mysteruios boy, Sebastien, as she sneaks out to meet him every night, she begins to love him. But she senses that all isn't right with her true love either. Evie realizes something isn't right a Wyldcliffe, and enlists the help of her friends Sarah and Helen, to uncover it's dark secrets. In a story of true love, suspenseful secrets, and hidden powers, this book is a beautifully woven tale of history and magic. And the dire consequences that can happen if we make the wrong choice, as in Sebastiens case. I highly reccomend this series. Book two is called Betrayal and i can not wait to get my hands on it!

Title: Numbers
Author: Rachel Ward

10/10/2001. That's Jem's mother's number. Jem saw it whenever she looked into her mother's eyes, but it wasn't until four years after the woman's fatal heroin overdose when Jem was 11 that she realized that the number was the date her mother would die. And it's not just that number that the teen sees—she knows when everyone will die by looking into their eyes. Isolating herself from the rest of humanity seems to be the only solution until Spider, a freakishly tall, twitchy mess of a boy, refuses to leave her alone. In spite of the fact that she knows his death date is only months away, she can't resist his overtures of friendship. One afternoon, while ditching school, they head for the London Eye tourist attraction. When Jem realizes that several people standing in line are fated to die that very day, she panics and takes off. Newspapers and television pick up the story, and Jem and Spider, targeted as the terrorists responsible for destroying the Eye, or at least witnesses, are on the run in a stolen car. Ward's debut novel is gritty, bold, and utterly unique. Jem's isolation and pain, hidden beneath a veneer of toughness, are palpable, and the ending was a bit of a shock.

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Author: Katie Alender

This book is the most suspensful book ever! It is about when Lexi and her younger sister Kasey have strange feelings about the house they just moved into. Lexi is especially freaked out when her sister is acting very strange. She is doing alot of research and seems like she has split personalities. Then Lexi finds out very chilling information about pervious owners in the house and starts to wonder if the house is taking on a life of its own...


Author: Graham McNamee

Duncan is an average teenager living in Toronto. He works at the subway lost and found, which he calls the dungeon. There is no fresh air or sunlight, so you can imagine what it would be like down there. While trying to pass the seemingly endless hours of his shift, he finds a little brown book that was turned in ten days ago. That little brown book turns out to be the diary of a crazy serial killer, who Duncan calls Roach. Roach has drowned mice, hung cats, started numerous fires, and is now "hunting" three women and planning to kill them. When he tries to inform the police about this, he gets no where. So, Duncan knows its up to him to put the pieces of this puzzle together, think like a serial killer thinks, find and stop this killer before he strikes. I really liked this book because of its fast-paced action and the feeling of the clock ticking and time running out. I found the characters to be realistic, even if the subject matter is a little far-fetched. It was a very entertaining book. I will read another of Graham McNamee’s books soon. This book is appropriate for ages 10 & up.