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Another great series

Author: Anthony Horowitz

This book was about a boy named Alex Rider. He lived with his uncle, Ian. The book starts with Alex finding out that his uncle has been killed. He was told he was killed in a car accident and that he wasn't wearing his seat belt. Alex didn't believe it because his uncle always wore his seat belt. He did a little investigating and found the car. It had bullet holes all over it. Alex knew that his uncle was murdered.

He was taken away by the people that his uncle worked with. Alex thought his uncle worked at a bank. It turns out Ian was actually a spy. Those people wanted Alex to try to finish the job that his uncle started. He was trained already in martial arts, but they trained him in other areas, too. They modified a gameboy into an x-ray machine, some zit cream that dissolved metal, and a special cell phone that scanned photos. All these gadgets were supposed to help Alex find out what this computer guy, Mr. Sayle was up to. He was going to give a computer to each kid in school. They were all going to go "live" at the exact same time.

After some more investigating, Alex found out that the computers were set up to release the small pox virus. Will Alex be able to stop this in time? The story continues in the next book. I thought this book was very good. It kept moving quickly and there was a lot of suspense. I would recommend the book to anyone who likes mystery and action.

Author: Trish Doller

Callie was kidnapped by her mom as a young child and lived a difficult life travelling around the country like a nomad. Now, at 17 years old, she has been found and returned to her father while her mother has been arrested for kidnapping her. The story is about her attempts to fit in with a new family and friends and adjust to a new town and way of life. She also has to struggle with her feelings towards her mom. As she learns that so much of what her mom told her was a lie and really begins to look at her mom's actions and behavior, she is both angry with her mom, but still loves her.

I really enjoyed this book. My heart really went out to Callie as she tried to adjust to her new world and do her best not to hurt anyone's feelings. I thought Trish Doller did a great job of setting up her life before she was returned to her father and gave a realistic picture of a teen going through such a dramatic life change.

Author: Wendy Mass

This book is about a girl who has a near death experience. She ends up going over her life to answer a question she asks herself when a ball is hurtling towards her during gym class. I gave this book 5/5 stars, just because it's really interesting. It's a bit like Scrooge, where he has a ghost of Christmas past, present, and future, except she only goes into the past. All in all, it's a really clean, easy to get through book.

Author: Caragh O'Brien

Gaia is a young midwife who has been trained by her mother. When her parents are kidnapped and taken to the other side of "The Wall" she bravely follows and finds out that life is complicated on both sides of the wall. Gaia tries to take what she has known and been taught on her side of the wall and mesh that with what she is learning in "The Enclave". Who can be trusted? Who is really in charge? When is she being watched? What should she do next? This book is tense and fast and prepares you for the next in the trilogy!

Author: Francesca Lia Block

Something's happening with Charlotte Emerson, she's been a vampire for nearly a century and now suddenly she can cry, blush, and do everything she used to be able to do when she was human, including see visions about people. I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars. It's written so prettily. I love how different the book is from other vampire stories. For such a short book it's incredibly interesting.

Author: Maureen Johnson

This is an amazing book! The story is about Ginny Blackstone who travels around Europe using her dead aunt's letters to her as a guide. Ginny soon goes on an adventure to Amsterdam, Greece, London, Paris and more. She also meets a young playwright named Kieth... There is a sequel to this book called The Last Little Blue Envelope. This book is a great summer read and I hope you like it a ton!

Title: Numbers
Author: Rachel Ward

10/10/2001. That's Jem's mother's number. Jem saw it whenever she looked into her mother's eyes, but it wasn't until four years after the woman's fatal heroin overdose when Jem was 11 that she realized that the number was the date her mother would die. And it's not just that number that the teen sees—she knows when everyone will die by looking into their eyes. Isolating herself from the rest of humanity seems to be the only solution until Spider, a freakishly tall, twitchy mess of a boy, refuses to leave her alone. In spite of the fact that she knows his death date is only months away, she can't resist his overtures of friendship. One afternoon, while ditching school, they head for the London Eye tourist attraction. When Jem realizes that several people standing in line are fated to die that very day, she panics and takes off. Newspapers and television pick up the story, and Jem and Spider, targeted as the terrorists responsible for destroying the Eye, or at least witnesses, are on the run in a stolen car. Ward's debut novel is gritty, bold, and utterly unique. Jem's isolation and pain, hidden beneath a veneer of toughness, are palpable, and the ending was a bit of a shock.

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Author: Rachel Caine

The "Morganville Vampires" series continues with this book. In it, Claire has her share of challenges. Like being a genius in a school that favors beauty over brains; homicidal girls in her dorm, and finding out that her college town is overrun with the living dead. On the up side, she has a new boyfriend with a vampire-hunting dad. But when a local fraternity throws the Dead Girls' Dance, hell is really going to break loose. I liked the developing relationships between Claire & Shane, and Eve & Michael. I will definitely read the next book in this series.

More Vampires...

Author: Rachel Caine

Welcome to Morganville, Texas and the series "Morganville Vampires". College freshman Claire Danvers has had enough of her nightmarish dorm situation, where the popular girls never let her forget just where she ranks in the school's social scene. When Claire heads off-campus, the imposing old house where she finds a room may not be much better. Her new roommates don't show many signs of life. But they'll have Claire's back when the town's deepest secrets come crawling out, hungry for fresh blood. I liked the developing friendships in this book. Claire made some friends who are loyal and brave and really care about her. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait for the next installment.

Author: Melissa De la Cruz

Select teenagers from some of New York City's wealthiest and most socially prominent families learn startling secrets about their bloodlines. The book started out a little slow but got better towards the end. I would have liked the characters and locations to be described more in depth so that I could feel more drawn into the story. Even though I was fairly disappointed with this book, I may read the next book in this series to see if it gets better.