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Author: Charlaine Harris

This is the very last book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. This whole series, this book especially, is basically about Sookie and all the trouble she manages to get herself into. In the the beginning of the book we have to remind ourselves that she has broughten Sam back from the dead, all the faeries have been sent back to faery-land, and that Eric and Sookie are on the rocks with their relationship. (That's basically everything that happened in the previous book, Deadlocked.) Anyway, in this book Sookie is getting accused of a murder that she, for once, didn't commit. She ends up arrested and she has to be bailed out by former boyfriend, Eric. It's a very exciting book, with some of my most favorite characters. Almost every important character, friend and foe, from past books gets to make an appearance. I give this book 5/5 stars. It has witches, vampires, were's, faeries, and even a demon or two. I think you'll enjoy it.

Title: Defiance
Author: Lili St.Crow

The book is fast paced and she keeps tossing in unexpected twists. The only thing I'd change is she cops out of choosing a guy.


Title: Lock-In
Author: Jonathan Mary-todd

When the wolf-kids get tired of people pushing them around they show their true-selves at the school lock-in. Jackie didn't think the lock-in would go well but she didn't think she'd have to fight to stay alive either. I gave this book 5/5 stars. It's exciting, but short. It leaves you wanting for more. Plus, there's werewovles, what more could you want?

Author: Cassandra Clare

Clary just wishes her life could go back to normal, but it can't. She's a demon-hunting Shadowhunter, with a mother that's in a mystical coma. Things won't be fixed unless she gets rid of the evil Valentine, who is also her father. To complicate things further; downworlders are being murdered and the Soul-Sword, one of the mortal instruments, has been stolen. When the Inquisitor comes around the only one available to blame is Clary's brother, Jace.

Title: Linger
Author: Maggie Stiefvater

This is book two of the Wolves series. Readers of the first book will not be disappointed. People who haven’t read the previous book Shiver, I strongly recommend it. The book opens in spring. The pack should be turning back to humans any day now. All but Beck. He was the leader, but is now frozen in his wolf form forever. This leaves Sam, newly cured of his past as a wolf, to take care of the pack. The older members will not be a worry for Sam. The new wolves, made by Beck, are the ones that make Sam stay up at night. The new members chose to become what Sam had spent his life trying to prevent. What kind of people choose to become a wolf? To slowly lose their human memories and become part of the forest? Grace is back, but is not entirely herself. Her relationship with Sam is going strong, but something is holding her back. Her fevers and headaches keep coming back with the whisper of being something more than just the common cold.
This book will keep the reader intrigued and excited to see what comes next. The book is more than just the average monster book. It’s about strength to forget the past, to become more than you ever imagined, and to have the ability to rely on others. The beauty in the writing is equal to award winning poetry. The metaphors and descriptions paint the characters and the town in complete entirety. If the audiobook is preferred, each narrator fits to their character perfectly. They each take the time to put the emotions into their voices to make the listener believe it’s one of their closest friends on the other side of the speakers. Anyone looking for a book with adventure, love, or mystery will enjoy the Wolves series.

Author: Kim Harrison

Now a mortal lover who abandoned Rachel has returned, haunted by his secret past. And there are those who covet what Nick possesses -- savage beasts willing to destroy the Hollows and everyone in it if necessary.Forced to keep a low profile or eternally suffer the wrath of a vengeful demon, Rachel must nevertheless act quickly. For the pack is gathering for the first time in a long time to ravage and to rule. And suddenly more than Rachel's soul is at stake. I love Kim Harrison's books, she a fabulous author and I could read about Rachel Morgan and her friends all day long. I give this book 4/5 stars, because at times the book is just slow, but otherwise the plots really thought out.


Title: Shiver
Author: Maggie Stiefvater

This is the story of Grace Brisbane who lives in Mercy Falls, Minnesota. She' watches the wolves who live in the woods behind her house. But when one wolf, the wolf who Grace has particularly watched is shot everything changes. The wolves are not entirely wolf. As the first book in the trilogy, Shiver brings romance, suspense, and sacrifice altogether in a thrilling tale that will leave you shivering.

Author: Marlene Perez

The Giordano Sisters are back. Rose is still dating her undertaker. Poppy's dating a ghost and Daisy is still with her long time love Ryan..or is she? Prom's closing in on them. Daisy has finally found her true psychic powers and this year there's a new kid at Nightshade and he's got his eye on her. He's a fortune teller. When one of his predictions come true she starts to wonder about him. If she can find out who the killer is maybe she can figure everything out, but is she a match for a werewolf?

Title: Tantalize
Author: Cynthia Leitich Smith

Quincie is an orphan who is being raised by her uncle who now runs her parent's Italian resturant. To get more customers, her uncle desides to turn it into a vampire-theamed one. This works, but soon murders that look like werewolf marks on the bodies are spreading across Texas. Quincie's best friend and cruch, Kieren, is the only suspect, but Quince doesn't want to believe that it is him (he is also a werewolf.) Soon after their chef's murder, Uncle D hires Johnson, a vampire, to be their chef. Johnson, who Quince now calls "Brad", is a smart and quick-witted friend, who tries to pull her away from Kieren. Kieren, however, thinks the murderers are Brad and Ruby, Ruby being Uncle D.'s vamp GF. The murders are getting worse and soon Quince finds that the ones who have been killing are right under her nose.


Author: Bree Despain

This book was AWESOME!! It's about Grace Divine, a pastor's daughter. Her brother Jude, was attacked years ago, found dripping in his own blood. Jude had accused Daniel-their neighbor, who they took in when the Divine's found out his father was abusing him- of attacking him. Shortly after Daniel ran away. A few years later, Daniel has returned to Grace's town. Even though her brother tells her to stay away, Grace sneaks off to be with Daniel. But then the climax comes. Daniel is a werewolf- the reason why he attacked Jude and ran away. Grace finds out that Daniel has the urge, the curse, to kill the one he most loves. And that person is Grace. Meanwhile, people are being killed. The police says the slashes on their bodies look like wolf marks. But that doesn't mean it's Daniel...right? You'll have to read the book to find out if it is Daniel, and if Grace's and Daniel's love will survive. You WILL NOT be disappointed.