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Welcome to the book blog, featuring reviews for teens from InfoSoup librarians and users!

A Book Blog Farewell

In consultation with the primary staff reviewers, we have decided to discontinue the InfoSoup reading blogs. Since 2008, InfoSoup users and staff have posted over 3000 reviews to Books to Hoot About!, the book blog, & Books R Us. It has been a fun ride, but now seems the right time to bring the blogs to an end.

We would like to thank all the users who participated in our reading challenge in 2013 and 2014, all the kids and teens who posted summer library program reviews, and the InfoSoup library staff who gave their time and shared their insight.

We will keep the reviews up for the rest of the year and, relaunch the site in in the new year with more of a focus on booklists and other resources for readers.

Thanks, and happy reading!

Author: Julie Anne Peters

A new girl Cece shows up at school and Holland starts to find herself having feeling for her. She doesn't know what's going on with her feelings or how to handle them. Holland sees how badly some people treat Cece because she is gay and is afraid of what will happen to her if anyone finds out. Well, the worst happens she taunted by kids at school, loses friends and her mother kicks her out of the house. Will she ever recover?

Author: Janet Tashjian

I recommend this book to other people because it's a great story about the Internet. It's about this 17 year old guy that doesn't want to conform or be something he's not. He doesn't like labels and is not into possessions. His best friend Beth starts a fan club for this internet celebrity named Larry. Larry's identity is a total secret... for now. Read the book to find out why.