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A Book Blog Farewell

In consultation with the primary staff reviewers, we have decided to discontinue the InfoSoup reading blogs. Since 2008, InfoSoup users and staff have posted over 3000 reviews to Books to Hoot About!, the book blog, & Books R Us. It has been a fun ride, but now seems the right time to bring the blogs to an end.

We would like to thank all the users who participated in our reading challenge in 2013 and 2014, all the kids and teens who posted summer library program reviews, and the InfoSoup library staff who gave their time and shared their insight.

We will keep the reviews up for the rest of the year and, relaunch the site in in the new year with more of a focus on booklists and other resources for readers.

Thanks, and happy reading!

Hungry for a good read?

Author: Sharon G. Flake

Once you start this book you will not be able to put it down. The main character has only one thing on her mind - MONEY. She lives in the projects in a building where the hallways smell like pee but 13 year old Raspberry Hill thinks it is better than living in her mom's car on the streets. She will do whatever she has to, to make enough money so they do not ever have to live like that again. She sells things and works hard at odd jobs and alienates her friends. Any thing to have money. But then something happens and they end up homeless again. This time friends come to their aid and together Raspberry and her mom plan for a better life.

Author: Jonathan Stroud

If you enjoyed the original Bartimaeus trilogy, then this series prequel should be sure to delight you! Bartimaeus is back in this novel set in the ancient days of Jerusalem. Enslaved by a cruel master with a more sinister servant, our favorite, wise-cracking djinn must help build a temple (until he's found in the form of a hippopotamus, mocking one of King Solomon's wives), searching the desert wastes for bandits, and generally causing mayhem and misfortune (for both others and himself) with his tongue's sarcastic barb.

Even if you haven't read the original three books in this series, you'll still find this novel to be a great jumping on point.

The Bartimaeus Trilogy:

The Amulet of Samarkand

The Golem's Eye

Ptolemy's Gate

Steampunk Adventure

Title: Behemoth
Author: Scott Westerfeld

Westerfeld's Leviathan series continues in this, book two, Behemoth. Set in Europe during WWI, this action-packed adventure mixes mechanical endeavors with genetically modified creatures and doesn't disappoint. Alek is heir to the throne of the Austrian Empire and Deryn (really Devyn, a girl) is a midshipman on the English airship, Leviathan. Set in Istanbul, in the midst of a revolution, the book incorporates factual events with high-action storytelling. A little romance is thrown in too.


Title: Matched
Author: Allyson Condie

This story is set in the perfect future society where everyone does what the officials want them to do including being matched to someone they decide is perfect for you.

Matched is about choices that have to be made against all odds. 

Don't miss this one, it is gripping from beginning to end.

Author: Sarah Dessen

In this story, Auden goes to live with her Dad and his new wife in Colby. She intends to stay there for the summer to spend time with her dad, but instead is sucked up into working in Heidi's (the stepmother) store. Her father doesn't mind, since he is busy writing away at his next novel. Soon Heidi is annoyed at the fact that Auden's dad doesn't help take care of Thisbe, their newborn. Auden stays up late, walking around the beach of Colby, meeting with Eli, a handsome boy with sleep issues, too. Eli shows Auden all the things she missed of childhood, and soon these two are in love. But when her dad and Heidi are fighting, Auden blocks out everyone in her life to solve the problem. This funny, romantic story will be added to the long list of hits by Sarah Dessen.

Author: Pittacus Lore

John is trying to be a typical teen, but he is not one. He is an alien living on Earth who is about to develop special powers called Legacies, and he has a deadly enemy seeking to destroy him. Nine Lorien children were sent to Earth when the Mogadorians conquered Lorien. A special charm protects the Lorien children: they can only be killed in order. Three are already dead, and John is Number Four. John and his guardian are constantly on the run from the Mogadorians-- who also have nefarious plans for the Earth. They find themselves hiding in Ohio where John makes his first friend, encounters bullies, and finds his first love. Oh, and he also learns to throw things with his mind--just one of his developing Legacies to help him fight the Mogadorians in the hope of eventually saving Lorien. Be sure to make time for this great read! There is suspense, action, a bit of romance, and you will grow attached to this alien who is not much different from us. The movie version will be coming to theaters in February 2011. I am Number Four is a great start to a new series: the Lorien Legacies!

Title: Immortal
Author: Gillian Shields

Evie johnson is sent to Wydlcliffe Abbey School for young ladies, nestled in the moors. Her Grandmother, is on her deathbad,and with her father in the military, her life is pretty bleak. Arriving A Wydlcliife, a sries of strange events occurs, first, a run in with a mysterious handsome stranger haunts her thoughs, and the death of a former student,remains still unsolved.The only escape she has is the mysteruios boy, Sebastien, as she sneaks out to meet him every night, she begins to love him. But she senses that all isn't right with her true love either. Evie realizes something isn't right a Wyldcliffe, and enlists the help of her friends Sarah and Helen, to uncover it's dark secrets. In a story of true love, suspenseful secrets, and hidden powers, this book is a beautifully woven tale of history and magic. And the dire consequences that can happen if we make the wrong choice, as in Sebastiens case. I highly reccomend this series. Book two is called Betrayal and i can not wait to get my hands on it!

Title: Pop
Author: Gordon Korman

Marcus Jordan is new to town and hopes to play high school football.  He meets Charlie at a local park and they run through football drills together.  Marcus soon discovers Charlie's secret..... he's an ex-NFL player whose had his bell rung too many times and early Alzheimer's is taking his life and family away from him.  Marcus is torn between his own love for the game and his loyalty to protect Charlie.  This book has enough action and humor to appeal to most middle/high school boys, yet full of meaty discussion topics for classroom or book clubs, too.