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A Book Blog Farewell

In consultation with the primary staff reviewers, we have decided to discontinue the InfoSoup reading blogs. Since 2008, InfoSoup users and staff have posted over 3000 reviews to Books to Hoot About!, the book blog, & Books R Us. It has been a fun ride, but now seems the right time to bring the blogs to an end.

We would like to thank all the users who participated in our reading challenge in 2013 and 2014, all the kids and teens who posted summer library program reviews, and the InfoSoup library staff who gave their time and shared their insight.

We will keep the reviews up for the rest of the year and, relaunch the site in in the new year with more of a focus on booklists and other resources for readers.

Thanks, and happy reading!

Author: Libba Bray

I loved this book. This book begins with a gruop of 50 beauty qeens competing in the Teen Dream pagent. When these pagent girls are flying to an island to to a promotional photoshoot there plan crashes. The crash kills the driver, mechanics, flight attenteds, amny of the girls themselfs, and really any adult. This leaves the beauty queens stranded on an island with no hope of saving. The girls soon relize that they many not be the only ones on the island but not everything is friendly.

This is a hilarious story of material girls trying to survive on there own. This could be discribed as a Hunger Games and Toddler and Tiras cross over. I recomend htis to anyone looking for a funny read.

Author: Ken Setterington

Whether writing an informational paper on the history of Gay Rights or trying to get a better handle on the information for yourself, this book serves a great function. This non-fiction novel includes pictures, letters, timelines, and true life stories of a handful of Gay men who lived during Nazi rule.Not often do I read every word of a non-fiction book, but this one kept me reading.

An interesting fact I learned was: In 1919, Adolf Hitler became best friends with a man named Ernst Rohm (a homosexual). Rohm was named the first official leader of the SA (Hitler's Storm Section, who were in charge of disrupting opposing political parties' meetings and protecting Hitler). People just ignored the fact that there was a gay man leading part of an army that was against gay relations. All good things must end of course, so in 1934 Hitler was pressured to disband the SA (Rohm wasn't very happy). Heinrich Himmler (Head of the Nazi intelligence) and Hermann Goring (head of the Nazi air force) wanted more power and they wanted it quickly. Their big idea was to eliminate Rohm all together. On July 1st, 1934 a Nazi officer stepped into Rohm's cell and handed him a gun. Rohm is said to have replied "Let Adolf do it himself." He was executed by two Nazi officers and his body was hauled off in secret. 

This book is very informational but very readable at the same time and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in LGBTQ literature. 

Title: Shine
Author: Lauren Myracle

This book is follows the classic "who-done-it" storyline. There is a crime (Patrick Truman is found beaten, bound, and left for dead and now sits in a comatose state), there is a detective (Sixteen year old Cat is determined to discover the truth of what happened to her former best friend), there are a few suspects (an old friend, some out-of-town college kids, an old drunk guy, a meth user, and an illusive no-name boyfriend), and there is a twist, which is why this book is worth a few hours of your time. I couldn't put this book down for two days. I highly recomend this to anyone who is looking for a good roller-coaster ride. 

Title: The Elite
Author: Kiera Cass

  First, I'd like to say that this book series has become one of my favorites. I saw the first book in my local library and I decided to give it a shot and I loved it, so naturally I had to pick this one up as well. I feel like it wasn't as good as the first book; the love triangle got on my nerves a bit in this book, but it was good and it ended very well. I'm just sad that now I have to wait for The One, the final book in the series.. I'm something like number 49 on the hold list, here's hoping that people read it quickly!   

  Anyway, the series is about a girl that get's accepted into a sort of competition, called The Selection, to become the new princess of Illea, similar to the show The Bachelor. In this book the 35 girls that started in The Selection have been dwindled down 6 girls, which is called The Elite. America, the girl we come to know and love, is stuck between Maxon, the prince, and her old boyfriend from back home, Aspen. While trying to figure out who she wants to be with, she is also trying to figure out what the rebels want and why they're trying to overthrow the monarchy.. All in all, this dystopian novel is very good for anyone who likes romance as well as action and mystery. This book is good for anyone who enjoys chick-lit or young adult genres. I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Author: Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games is awesome. It had me on edge the whole time. I couldn't put it down, and when I did, I couldn't wait to get back to it. When I finished it I couldn't wait to read Catching Fire and Mockingjay, the next two books in this series.

Title: Impossible
Author: Nancy Werlin

What do you get when you cross a curse, a teen,  an elven knight, a crazy mother, and a haunting family song? Impossib

le by Nancy Werlin,that's what.

scarbourough fair

(miranda's version)

Are you going to scarberough fair

parsley, sage, rosmary and thyme

remember me to one who lives there

or else she be a true love of mine

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Author: Erin Hunter

I liked the book alot during the time I was reading it. There are many exciting events that happened during the book. One was that  the bear named Toklo was locked in the back of a truck and the truck went rolling down a hill and the other bears, Lusa and Kallik had help save toklo because the trucks back doors were lodged shut and the truck landed in a river. I enjoy all of the Seekers books and I think anyone who read this blog would like them too! These books are adventures that you dont want to miss!

Author: Steve Sheinkin

The art (and science) of counterfeit money

The tomb of the recently assassinated President of the United States

A few not so smart criminals

Intrigue in the heartland over 150 years ago

This is the essence of Lincoln's Grave Robbers. An intriquing story in our nation's history that is not often told.