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A Book Blog Farewell

In consultation with the primary staff reviewers, we have decided to discontinue the InfoSoup reading blogs. Since 2008, InfoSoup users and staff have posted over 3000 reviews to Books to Hoot About!, the book blog, & Books R Us. It has been a fun ride, but now seems the right time to bring the blogs to an end.

We would like to thank all the users who participated in our reading challenge in 2013 and 2014, all the kids and teens who posted summer library program reviews, and the InfoSoup library staff who gave their time and shared their insight.

We will keep the reviews up for the rest of the year and, relaunch the site in in the new year with more of a focus on booklists and other resources for readers.

Thanks, and happy reading!

Author: Megan McDonald

This was a very good read.

It does not get gradually dull like some other appoctaliptic books, but instead accelerates and pulls you into the book as you get into it. The main character had good characteristics, but i wish the embellished more on his father.

I do wish the ending was better / or had an epilogue.

Author: Amy Talkington

This book definatly gave me chills. The only book since The Shining to give me chills. As a matter of fact twice as many chills as Doctor Sleep (The follow up book to Stephan King's The Shining). I would take my daughter to go see this in the theater. There is a love story with a third wheel that you almost root for to get the girl even though that isn't an option with the intensity between the leading couple. SPOILER ALERT: I was glad to find that it didn't end with a twist leaving one of the main characters to be the perpetrator. I don't want to spoil to much of the book but It was a fast read that stayed interesting and put a modern twist on a familier Urban Ledgened I'm sure to have read or seen on the screen before....


Author: John Green

After hearing all the buzz on this one, short book, I started looking it over. Apparently it was sooooo saaad, and everyone whose ever read it has been reduced to tears, forever fangirling into a pilow. I didn't want to read it, in fear of exploding from pure awesomeness, but then decided to read the book before the movie came out so I could compare. At first the book seemed slow, sure Hazel was a very witty character with a very high education for such a small age (And an insainly large vocabulary) but her sentences seemed almost forced.  As for the romance that was built between Augustus and herself, it was predictable and not sappy in the slightest. I know I am one to talk, I haven't written a book as of yet, but I plan to write one in my lifetime, and I hope it won't be as predictable as how this relationship went.  (especially how it ended) Maybe I just wasn't too fond of the writing style or something, but  I did not find this book very riveting. Somehow the expectations I had for the book were set way to high (As high as the Moon), but I cannot be blamed for having such high standards after hearing everyone's head over heals love for this one book. I am not, however, giving up on John Green as of yet. Everyone says he is a good author, and he does have many other books that I will be looking into. Hopefully I will find one that I love as much as everyone else loved The Fault in Our Stars, so I will be keeping an open mind.

Author: John Green

I read this book and could not put it down, I barely cry for any book and I cried for this book, it's so sad but a really good read, and one of my favorites for sure.

Author: Sarah Cross

Over all I found this book highly entertaining.

The main protaginist is a girl named Mirabelle (Mira.)  She lives with her godmothers Elsa and Bliss. According to her godmothers her parents died when she was a baby. Mira despretly wants to learn more about her parents and her past. Her godmothers have put a strict ban on manythings including anything sharp, but most importantly her bithplace Beau Rivage. To find out more about where she came from she journys to the town of Beau Rivage. Once there she finds many things in that town that are odd. Mira soon learns that everyone in this town is part of a fairy tale, and Mira herself is sleeping beauty. She is faced with  sweet prince's, beautiful girls with a strange intrest in apples and charming men whos love could kill.

This is such an interesting spin on classic fairy tales. These storys are much darker and truly show the horror in Grimm's tales. This is and interesting read that I recomend to any girl.

Author: Dan Gutman

I absolutely loved this book. When I was in school reading this I was just waiting for reading class. When the teracher looked away I picked up my book and started to read it. The book was mostly adventure. Some parts were just like whoa did not see that coming. Especially the end. But I can not tell you about the end. If you read this book you will be so tempted to see what happens in the end guranteeded. That is what I thought of the book The Genius Files from Texas with Love!

Author: Rick Yancy

Over all I found this book amazing! The Fifth Wave has a protaganist by the name of Cassie. It is litarlly the end of the world for cassie. She belives the is the last girl an earth untill she meets Even Walker. Cassie dose not know if she can trust him in a world filled with aliens with the faces of humans. the unwanted invadors could be anyone. Cassie fears everyone in her family is dead, the only person who might still be alive is her little brother Sammy. Cassie has to learn to trust this mysterious person, Even, in order to potentially save her brother.

The cast of characters in this book is great all the caracters are round and you get a feel of who they are. The world in genral is odd to think about. It makes you question all you thought was true.

Tis was an allover wonderful and quick read! I highly recommend this book to anyone!

Author: Elizabeth Scott

This story is the most unforgetable! This book is short, but is so good it won't matter! You can curl up and enjoy this short, sad, UNFORGETABLE books EVER! If you want to know about it you will have to read it!